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Morning links: Too much emphasis on 40 times?

Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post weighs in on how valuable 40-yard times are in weighing how good a football player will be, noting that Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith, two players now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, were not exactly the fastest players on the field.


For every Deion Sanders or Rod Woodson, there are many players who can run fast in a straight line but are not football players. In evaluating, there has to be a balance between 40 times and the actual playing of the game. When I worked at the Hotel, the 40 times dictated the level of interest we had in a prospect. Everyone in the building knew that if a guy ran extremely fast and had size, he would become a favorite of the owner. But running extremely fast for the league might not be fast for the Raiders.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated talks to a team architect who says 90 percent of his draft board is already put together, implying that most teams put too much weight into what happens at the combine.

Todd McShay of ESPN says that Rutgers cornerback Devin McCourty is one of five prospects heading into this week’s NFL scouting combine who will has moved up the draft board.

John Holler of says perhaps the least known NFL personnel attending the scouting combine, the medical personnel, play the most important role in making sure each player is healthy.

Central Michigan quarterback Dan LeFevour says he will do everything but throw at this week’s combine, joining Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford and Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen among the QB ranks will not throw this week.

Rob Rang of reports on NFL draft prospects like Ndamukong Suh training with former Olympic athlete Michael Johnson in preparation for the scouting combine.