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Singletary: Niners not concerned about QB Warner’s retirement

San Francisco 49ers head coach Mike Singletary lived up to his reputation for not mincing words when it comes to answering questions from reporters.

Twice Singletary was asked if changes in the NFC West, including the retirement of Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner and the Seattle Seahawks head coaching change to Pete Carroll, paved the way for his team to be the favorites to win the NFC West.

And both times, Singletary refused to take the bait, stating that whatever happens outside his team has no bearing on whether he believes the Niners can win a division title

Singletary put it more bluntly the second time around.

“I think it is a grave mistake for us as a football team, just because you take Kurt Warner out of the mix to think that that’s our division,” Singletary said. “The thing for us that we have to do in San Francisco is to make sure that we are not looking at Seattle. We’re not looking at what happened at Seattle. We’re not looking at what happened at Arizona. I don’t care about those things.

“I’m thinking it’s our division before you get Kurt Warner out. I was hoping that we were thinking that way last year, and thinking that way this year. I want to think that way every year. And I’m sure that other teams our going to think the same thing, and that’s what makes it an exciting game.”

San Francisco 49ers general manager Scot McCloughan also talked, and said that the 49ers have to start preparing for the future in making sure they are not overworking Frank Gore, even though he does not like to have his carries limited.

San Francisco drafted running back Glen Coffee in the third round last year. Coffee finished with 226 yards on 83 carries for only 2.7 yards per carry. Gore ran for 1,120 yards on 229 carries for 4.9 yards per carry. Coffee and Gore are similar runners, so perhaps the Niners might be looking for more of a change-of-pace back to compliment those two, along with a player who can contribute on special teams. Looks like the Seahawks might have some competition for C.J. Spiller if they are thinking running back in the first round.