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Big Show on Big Walt: Keep playing

The Big Show, former Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren, talked to reporters this afternoon, albeit now holding a different title as president of the Cleveland Browns.

Holmgren said he enjoyed being back at the NFL Scouting combine amongst his peers, but admitted not being on the field coaching once training camp starts will take some adjusting to.

“I told a couple of our security guys that you are standing by me at all times, and if start to run out there, ‘Grab him!’” Holmgren joked. “That was one of things I talked to Eric about when we decided to do it together. I’m going to have my challenges, there is not question about that in watching practice, watching games and those kind of things.”

On Walter Jones' possible retirement, Holmgren, who said at the time that Jones had microfracture surgery in November 2008 that he believed Jones would return to the field, had this to say:

“I hope that he plays some more,” he said. “I believe if I was still there I would be coaxing him into something, or trying anyway. But he’s played a long time and I think he’s really been a warrior the last, couple years, because he’s played on some bad wheels and a bad shoulder, those kind of things. He’s played a lot of football.”

And on his new task of making the Cleveland Browns a winner, working with current head coach Eric Mangini, Holmgren said he’s ready for the challenge.

“How I view it is really setting the table for Eric,” Holmgren said about his new job. “That’s what I’m going to try and do. My job is to make him the best coach he can be, and help him as much as I can by getting players for him, being a sounding board for him – whatever that means.”

On Cleveland’s quarterback situation, Holmgren said the team will likely have to choose between Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson, and did not rule out the possibility of bringing another quarterback in. Speculation has the Browns pursuing a possible trade with Philadelphia for either Donovan McNabb or Kevin Kolb.

Holmgren told reporters that the Browns need to decide which quarterback to keep before Anderson’s $2 million roster bonus is due, reportedly on March 19.

Holmgren said he spoke with Quinn but has not talked with Anderson, who’s back in Corvallis, Ore., going through his off-season conditioning program.