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Create a caption: Whitehurst and beards

Now that the Seahawks have signed quarterback-in-waiting Charlie Whitehurst, it's time to make some comparisons to the man behind the brooding beard. Whitehurst already has taken his lumps from both the media and folks on the blog for the long hair and beard he's sporting these days.

So in honor of my partner in crime Ryan Divish, who's enjoying the sun in Arizona covering the Mariners in spring training, I thought it appropriate to roll out a create a caption, digging up a few comparisons to our new man Whitehurst.

Feel free to add your own in the comments section.

Like Whitehurst, Bee Gee Barry Gibb was known for having good feet in a limited amount of space, only Gibb used his moves on the dance floor.

Kenny Loggins asked everybody to get Footloose in the mid-80s. Can we expect a revival of the popular dance movie in the Pacific Northwest?

Excuse me Charlie. Officer Frank Serpico is calling from the 1970s and he'd like his beard back.

Gregg Allman offers a tribute to Whitehurst's southern roots.

A higher calling? Here is Mount Vernon's Jim Caviezel in The Passion of the Christ.

ESPN's John Clayton hit Whitehurst with a Grizzly Adams jab when interviewing him on the radio this weekend.

And finally, as my wife pointed out, perhaps bearing the most resemblance to Whitehurst is Matthew Fox, who played Charlie Salinger on Party of Five.