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NFL fines Clay Matthews $22,050 for hit on Russell Wilson

Just back from the Seahawks' locker room from interviews and press conferences with Michael Bennett and Bobby Wagner. I'll post on those soon.

First: As if it doesn't have any other issues going on, the NFL today fined Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews for his blindside hit on Russell Wilson officials penalized during a Packers return of an interception in last weekend's NFC title game.

Matthews drew a 15-yard penalty for the hit. Wilson never missed a snap in the game, and eventually threw the winning touchdown pass to Jermaine Kearse in overtime to send the Seahawks into their second consecutive Super Bowl, Feb. 1 against New England.

The amount of the fine: $22.050 -- or $2,050 more than the league just fined Marshawn Lynch for his grabbing of himself at the end of his touchdown run late in regulation.