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Media day end run: Marshawn Lynch's latest interview buzzwords are "I'm here so I won't get fined"

Marshawn Lynch did just as we discussed on here this morning he would do at Super Bowl 49's media day/theater of the absurd.

The event had clowns, puppets, an interviewer wearing nothing but a barrel and a cowboy hat, Richard Sherman salsa dancing and Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril summing it up perfectly with "This is nuts." People paid $32 per ticket -- $22 with a military discount. Many did so and sat in the arena's upper deck.

Many got their tickets for free. How much would those folks have paid?

"To watch people talk?" said Michael Wiler, who is from Silverdale, Washington, but is going to school here in the Phoenix area.

So Lynch entering the U.S. Airways Center like Ali on the way into the ring in Zaire to fight Foreman, meandering through the massive throng on the floor of the arena with handlers all around him clearing a path, then answering 29 different question with 29 utterances of "I'm here so I won't get fined" and leaving after 4 minutes, 51 seconds? Not that absurd, in the grand monstrosity of it all.

At one point, Deion Sanders of NFL Network tried to get Lynch to talk only to him, as Sanders pulled off last year at Super Bowl 48's media day in Newark, New Jersey.

"I'm here so I won't get fined -- Boss," Lynch replied, reprising his "'bout that action, Boss" quote to Sanders last year at this time.

I was told before media day the NFL would not fine Lynch if he showed up and answered questions -- even if only for 5 minutes and those answers were useless and the latest example of Lynch's successful mockery of the league's policy requiring players to speak to reporters. The Pro Football Writers Association is saying it won't file a complaint on Lynch over today, my Seattle colleague Ryan Divish of the Times reports.

As I said, absurd.

Someday, actually Sunday but not soon enough, they will actually play the game down here.

Michael Bennett has a, um, "interesting" theory on why the media doesn't get along with Lynch: