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Patriots begin SB49 preps at Cardinals facility

After a morning session with the media, the NeW England Patriots headed off to the Arizona Cardinals' practice facility to begin local preparations for their Super Bowl Sunday match with the Seattle Seahawks.

“It will be good getting back on the field today," quarterback Tom Brady said. "I think there is a lot that goes into Super Bowl week. It will be good to be on the field and for us to refocus. We’ve got our game plan pretty much set. Now it’s about refining it and making sure is exactly what we want it to be. Like I said, this defense causes a lot of issues. They don’t make anything easy. So we’re going to have to work hard. It’s about obviously having a good plan and you’re always confident going into the game with what you’re doing. You’ve got to be able to go out and execute it well. There is nothing easy about it. It’s going to be a lot of attention to detail.”

Coach Bill Belichick shared this about their coming practices at the Arizona Cardinals' facility:

“We went over and walked through the facility yesterday. Looks good. They were very cooperative. (Arizona Cardinals Football Administration Coordinator) Mike Caracciolo was there. Of course, he was with us (on the New England staff) so a good, I would say, working relationship with him. Their facilities are good. We’ll utilize whatever we think is best. They have a nice indoor facility, pretty nice outdoor fields. So we’ll make it work. Not sure exactly how everything will turn out here today. We’ll get everything kind of finalized. We know we have a couple of options. We’ll do what we think is best. But the facility looks good.”

There wasn't much actual news came from the morning media session. (One game reporter tried to raise by Deflategate flag again with Belichick, who responded by saying he's concentrating on the Seahawks.)

Yet, while there was little actual news, there were some interesting general thoughts, which we'll transcribe and share here as the day moves along.

Belichick once again praised the Seahawks and Pete Carroll. Defensive tackle Vince Wilfork once again was interesting and human and introspective and engaging, as he has been unfailingly this week. And Tom Brady gave an abbreviated version of YouMadBroGate.

We'll start with this Brady quote about Seattle's defense in last year's Super Bowl: "Denver had the greatest offense in the history of the game last year, so that was a pretty impressive performance against them. But we're a different matchup. I think we present some of our own challenges. I certainly hope it's a lot different from the way it went for Denver last year. I hope we can go out there, make a lot of plays, get ahead, stick with our game play, try to go out there and play hard for 60 minutes and hope the outcome is in our favor."

He also had this to say about Richard Sherman: "Richard, he's a ball hawk. He's got 24 interceptions in however many years he's been playing. He's a great interceptor of the ball. He's got a lot of range, a lot of length, he has great recovery ability, dos a great job playing the ball down the field, has got phenomenal ball skills, great timing when he jumps, he's made a lot of plays in a lot of big games. He plays with a lot of confidence. You've just got to understand what your going against."