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Official pool report: Chancellor "remarkably looked good today" at Seahawks' final pre-Super Bowl practice

It's a festive, packed scene this afternoon in downtown Phoenix; 10 times more people here than yesterday. I'd estimate 80 percent of them are wearing Seahawks gear.

Fans are chanting "SEA!" from one side of streets, with an automatic "HAWKS!" response from the opposite sidewalk. All day long.

Even the weather is making Seattle-ites feel at home: mid-50s, steady rain that just ended.

Below is the NFL's official pool report from the Seahawks' indoor, light practice today at Arizona State. The NFL closes Super Bowl practices to all but one reporter for each team appointed by the Pro Football Writers Association.

The biggest news: Strong safety Kam Chancellor practiced a day after banging his left knee and getting it wrapped in practice. No sign of a limp. Carroll said his key against New England's All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski tomorrow "remarkably looked good today" and will get another test tomorrow during pregame warmups. But I'll walk back home to Seattle Monday if he doesn't play tomorrow.

How light was the practice? Marshawn Lynch was among the few Seahawks wearing slippers during it.

Team owner Paul Allen and former Seahawks NFL MVP Shaun Alexander were among the visitors.