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High playoff stakes for Seahawks to reverse a bumbling first half against Rams

That clown-show quality of a first half for the Seahawks' offense ended with Seattle fortunate to be trailing only 6-0.

A win today away from the NFC West title and most likely the No. 1 seed in conference playoffs that begin nexy week, the Seahawks have had Russell Wilson's second interception in seven weeks. They have a fumble by Marshawn Lynch after the running back had gained a first down on screen pass. They had a third-and-1 play near midfield ruined when Wilson ripped a handoff out of the grabbing hands and arms of Robert Turbin on a read-option play in which the teammates had opposite reads. And they had tight end Luke Willson run a 4-yard route and get tackled immediately short of the line to gain on fourth and 5 in Rams territory.

That's how the Seahawks are leading the Rams 189-66 yet trailing by six points.

No need to remind the players of the stakes during this halftime. Arizona leads at San Francisco currently. Carolina leads at Atlanta. Green Bay leads Detroit 14-7 but Aaron Rodgers was carted off to the locker room in the first half with a reported calf injury. If these results happen to hold, the Cardinals would be the NFC West champions, the Seahawks would be a wild card playing next week at Carolina in the first round of the playoffs.

If the Seahawks rally to win -- they are to receive the second-half kickoff and have out-scored foes 184-110 after halftime this season -- Seattle would be the NFC West champion and No. 1 seed with a bye next week and home-field advantage throughout the conference playoffs.

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