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Richard Sherman calls 49ers fans "mediocre" for "vulgar" taunts, glass-bottle throwing--then waves them goodbye


SANTA CLARA, Calif. Another entertaining session with Richard Sherman tonight.

Sherman wasn’t thinking about Michael Crabtree this time when he was asked if anything about this Seahawks domination of San Francisco was “mediocre.”

“Yeah, their fans,” Seattle’s All-Pro cornerback said of the 49ers’ new Levi’s Stadium that emptied throughout the second half of the Seahawks’ 19-3 rout of the home team on Thursday night.

“Their fans. Their fans were,” Sherman said after his fourth two-interception game of his career. “Their fans, you know, threw a few jabs. And then someone of them threw a glass bottle at the end, as we were jogging in.

“You know you never have to resort to name-calling and some of the things they said. It really just help you appreciate your own fans. It helps you appreciate the 12th Man and how classy an organization we have and how classy our fans are – and how they stay through the whole game regardless of the outcome.”

Sherman widened and raised his eyes high above his patterned black-and-white suit and white bow tie with that comment. Yes, he noticed most of the 70,000 or so who had been in the building were long gone by the middle of the fourth quarter.

“Yeah,” Sherman said, “I waved them goodbye.”

Sherman’s first interception set up Seattle’s only touchdown, in the first quarter. Colin Kaepernick rolled to his right and tried to throw a deep stutter-step-and-comeback route to Brandon Lloyd at the sideline against Seattle’s three-deep zone coverage. It’s a route that Sherman admits has given him problems this season.

This time, Kaepernick threw 4 yards behind Lloyd’s break – directly to Sherman at the San Francisco 45 for what might have been his easiest interception since Pop Warner.

In the fourth quarter with Seattle leading 19-3 and 8 minutes Sherman was yapping at the 49ers’ sideline that “if you throw it my way I’m going to end the game.” Kaepernick did, on a pass in the short flat for Stevie Johnson that Sherman intercepted.

He should have had his first three-interception game, but he allowed another of so many errant Kaepernick passes to drop threw his arms and hands as he fell to the turf in the second quarter.

Sherman settled for the two picks – and some crowing.

“He said he was throwing to the open man; he didn’t care who was out there,” Sherman said.

“I was the open man."

Sherman, by the way, says he hasn't heard from the NFL about his skit Tuesday with teammate Doug Baldwin and cardboard "Baldwin" in which they mocked the league as "hypocritical" for fining Marshawn Lynch for not talking to the media following games.

Lynch stood in the middle of the locker room tonight after this win, told reporters he was going to do the same thing he did after last weekend's win over Arizona -- when he said "yeah" about a dozen times and said 54 words total to answer 22 questions. Tonight, no reporters asked him anything when they heard Lynch warn them of the same, and that was that.

And, as I've said before, so what.