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llPostgame video, quotes from Seahawks' 2nd loss in 21 home games, 30-23 to Dallas: "We make no excuses"

Russell Wilson, above, had the third-lowest rated passing game of his career today: 14 completions in 28 attempts, 126 yards passing, no touchdowns throwing, an interception to end Seattle's last, desperation try to tie in the final minute and two sacks.

"I felt like I let people down, or whatever," Wilson said.

Or whatever would have been better than what actually happened to the Seahawks in their second loss in 21 home games and sixth loss in 31 games overall.

Here are the quotes from after Dallas' 30-23 victory today:



(Opening…)   “That’s a really tough ballgame.  We make no excuses.  They played really well and they did a lot of cool stuff for their football team in all phases, and we were not right, really, in any phase of our game today.  We didn’t run the ball the way we want to, we didn’t protect as well as we like, we didn’t throw the ball very well, and on defense we didn’t stop the run, and they were 10 out of 17 on third down.  Tony was fantastic.  With all that said, it’s third-and-20, we have to stop them and get off the field and see if we can run the clock out with a win.  We’re better than that, and we’ve played better than that.  You guys can look at it any way you want, and was it them playing well or us not playing well?  I give them a lot of credit.  They’ve won five games in a row.  They ran the ball like they’ve been running it.  DeMarco was terrific today, and Tony made his plays when they had to, and the receivers made some terrific catches and were able to make stuff happen kind of like they’re counting on.  I think they played the game they wanted to play and we couldn’t do anything about it today.  We kept it close, and we had a chance, but all in all it wasn’t good enough.  It really felt like fundamentally we didn’t play very well.  I said to them in the locker room that when we look at it we’ll see that blocking and tackling was not as good as it needs to be, really in any phase.  It’s a big win for Dallas, they came in here and did a great job.  They deserve every bit of it of course, and we have to get better.  We didn’t come back from Monday Night and do very well, so we’ll see what happens.”

(On Byron Maxwell’s injury…)  “He has an ankle sprain.”

(On Bobby Wagner… )  “He jammed his big toe, and came back and played with it, and we’ll see what that means, we don’t know right now.  We’ll have to wait and see.”

(On the severity of Maxwell’s injury…)    “I think it’s a pretty good sprain.  I think it’s legit.  He couldn’t get up on it.  I think it’s a high ankle sprain, but that’s a ‘think’ right now.  I don’t know.”

(On whether this game felt similar to the Chargers game…)   “We had no rhythm.  We weren’t able to get going, run and pass wise.  That happens sometimes, and then it gets amplified when you don’t get off the field.  They were taking advantage of it, and they had good rhythm.  We were fortunate with the big play in the kicking game, that was a big burst for us.  We were counting on that, and it happened, and we were really excited about that, but we didn’t answer it very well.  We made the big play in the first drive and that got us down there, and that was about it.  It was across the board.  This is not pointing the finger at any one spot, this is a lot of stuff that just didn’t play well, and I didn’t do a good enough job of getting us ready to do this, against a really good team.  We shouldn’t be surprised that Dallas is playing this well, that’s five games in a row, and they just won on the road in here.  They’re a tough team to play against right now.”

(On why it was hard to get Lynch involved in the offense… )  “We weren’t making first downs.  You have to get the rhythm.  It’s the same thing.  If you look at it, why didn’t you give the ball to Marshawn more, or why didn’t this guy catch more passes, it’s because you have to get first downs and get more plays.  When the defense is out there for a long time, and the offense has a three and out, then you don’t get your shots, and that’s just what happens.  The story is going to write itself every time that way.  We tried to come back and get back in the rhythm.  Marshawn did a nice job, popped a run, and got some stuff going.  He was busting his tail to help us, but we just couldn’t get in sync and get the rhythm and connect it with the third down conversions.”

(On the impact when Maxwell went out…)  “We adjusted a little bit, you saw us flip the corners a little bit and did some things to adjust.  I thought Richard did a really nice job against a great player.  What an incredible catch, he makes up top, right in front of their bench, it’s a great play.  Dez is a great player, that was a great matchup to watch.  Each side won a little bit in that one.”

(On the impact of the third-and-20 conversion …)  “The game is in our hands then.  Third and 20, if we get out, then we’re working to kill the clock and win the football game.  It looked just like what happened in Houston.  I didn’t see it clearly, how he escaped, but you saw how he beat one of the top players in football a week ago.  He makes a great throw and catch, and puts them in the scoring zone and everything goes their way from there.  I thought that was the same play, in a sense, in this game.  It was that significant.  We had played things well, we had rushed him, we had flushed him out.  Tony has magic about him, he always has, and he pulled it out right then and made an incredibly good play.”

(On whether Sherman’s flip flopping was an emergency move…)  “That was somewhat of an emergency thing, in this game.  You call it an emergency, I’m not calling it that.  It’s just what we did to adjust. We’ll see what happens.“

(On Russell Wilson’s play…)  “It was hard.  I thought they defended a lot of plays really well.  We had a shot at some plays down the field, and they were all over the ball.  I just thought it was a really good day for their guys, and we would have loved to have won on some of those exchanges.  But, I think, all in all, when he throws for 120 yards and he’s 50%, then that’s not a good day for him, and he’s better than that.  It’s always everybody.  Everybody works together to make this happen.  I know he’s real frustrated by that.”

(On whether he got an explanation on the tripping call….)  “Yeah, it was wrong.  They all said it was wrong.  It was a ridiculous call.  I don’t know what anybody was thinking.  I don’t know how every guy on the field couldn’t see that, it was wide open.  Somebody should have overruled that.  They all admitted it was a terrible mistake. But, it’s over.”

(On being 3-2...)  “We have to get better.  We have a lot of improvement to make.  That’s all we’ve been trying to do, but it didn’t show up in this game.  We’ve been working really hard each week in improving.  But, I was not happy at all fundamentally about this game.  We just didn’t seem like we were righting enough errors.  When somebody runs the ball that well at us, we’ve been playing the run as good as you can play it.  We have to play better and do things right, and fit the runs up and adjust a little quicker, for some new things that they did.  Generally, we do that really well, and we didn’t do that today.“

(On Kam Chancellor…)  “He was fine.  He played.  He was fine.”

(On other injuries…)  “We have to wait to see the extent of Maxie, of Bobby’s toe, we gotta see.  Richard had a little shoulder that bothered him at the end.  Other than that, we should be OK.”

(On why Dallas’ running game was effective…)  “They played really well.  They ran some unique stuff, some style of plays that worked for them, a real nice counter, and they had the G-play going late in the game.  DeMarco is really good, he’s a really good player.  I thought that we had a lot of plays at him, at the line of scrimmage or in the backfield, where he was able to shake us, and get a couple yards.  He has a really cool style about breaking tackles.  We didn’t do as well as we thought we would.  We were high on some tackles, and he knocked us off a few times.  He’s a really, really good player.”

(On Jesse Williams …)  “Jesse did really well when he was healthy and able.  He’s on IR now, so he’ll miss this season, which is his second one in a row, which is tough for him.  He’s a great kid, and he works really hard.  He was good enough to play for us and be a factor for us.  It’s just unfortunate that he’s been banged up.”

(On whether he worries about the loss bubbling over…)  “These guys are competing like crazy.  We’re all frustrated.  These guys want to win, and it’s really important to them.


(On what Dallas was doing on defense…)   “I think, first of all, I could have played a lot better.  I didn’t play my best game.  In terms of the first half, we had some shots.  I think we only had three series in the first half, because Doug Baldwin made a great play in terms of the blocked punt.  That first drive, we did pretty good.  For whatever reason, we were just off by a little bit. I’ll take the blame for it, I think I could have played a lot better.  That’s the thing you look forward to, another opportunity and another week next week, and you have to go back and look at the drawing board, and see what you can do better, and see what you did well, too.  Not everything is terrible.  We’re still a great football team.  And move forward.”

(On his confidence about the Seahawks’ final drive…)  “I was very confident we were going to find a way to win. We didn’t do it.  They made some plays.  They did some good things on the defensive side of the ball.  They played a great game.  Tony Romo makes that third-and- 20; he’s a great football player.  A guy tiptoes his feet in bounds.  That’s tough to defend, because he makes a great play, Tony Romo.  If you look at that, we still have a chance to win the game there, too.  As poorly as I played, I felt like we still had a chance to win, and that’s all you can ask for.  All you can ask for is a chance to win and a chance to take our team down the field.  We came up short. ”

(On whether the urgency goes up when the offense is not getting a chance… )  “The sense of urgency naturally starts to pick up, especially when you don’t have that many drives early on in the game.  Just because we only had three [drives] in the first half, so that was kind of tough on us offensively.  It’s one of those things where you want to play so well, and you want to get the ball back, because we love playing the game.  So, it’s a little bit frustrating when you don’t have the ball, but at the end of the day I think it comes down to, when you get your opportunities, capitalizing on it.  For whatever reason, we weren’t able to do that, and I can definitely fix that.  I know that I can play better, and that’s the best part. ”

(On what he did not do well today…)    “I was a little off on some throws that I’m normally not.  I felt just a little bit off, here and there, maybe an inch or two to the right or the left.  Other than that, I think that’s what it comes down to.   I know I can complete those balls, I know that I will, and I know that I’ll get it fixed. ”

(On the frustration shown by Doug Baldwin… )  “I think everybody was a little frustrated.  It’s not just one guy or two guys or three guys or whatever.  We’re so competitive, and we all want to win.  When things aren’t going the way that you practice them all the time, or the way that you’re used to, or the way that you expect, sometimes you get a little frustrated.  More than anything, I’m frustrated.  I’m frustrated that we didn’t play our best game, because we worked so hard.  We do everything we can to play our best game.  I felt like I let some people down, or whatever, so you just have to keep moving, keep moving forward.  I think that as a team, the collective effort, in terms of leadership, that’s when leadership shows up, when there’s some adversity.  I think that’s what we’ll have to do for this week coming up, and get excited about that, rather than shy away from it.  We have to play a great team, we have to go on the road next week.  Who’s going to bring the boxing gloves and be ready to go for the week?  That’s the great part, that we have to look forward to, as a team.  We know that we’re a great football team, we know that we have the guys, we know we have the right guys, we know that we have a great coaching staff and the best fans in the world.  So, we’re going to be ready to go. “

(On why Dallas was successful containing Harvin on the sweep…)  “They just made some great plays. They were right there, they were hustling to the ball.  They were making the tackles, and making the plays in terms of deflecting balls.  You can only do so much.  You can’t try too hard.  I think that we right on the verge of making some big plays and making some big throws, and we weren’t able to do that.  It was similar to the Arizona game last year, for whatever reason.  We were ready, we prepared the right way.  The ball didn’t bounce our way.  For us, can you move forward.  Can you keep you head up and keep going.  I know we’ll do that.   There’s no doubt about it.”

(On whether this type of game is good for the team…)  “Well, you never want to lose.  I’ll never say a loss is a good thing.  For us, no matter what the circumstances are, whether it’s a win or a loss, you take the good and you take the bad, and you see what you can do, and how you can narrow your focus in terms of growing, and how you can be better.  The wins and losses will come with great play, and will come with great preparation and will come with making some big plays when you need to make them.  At the end of the day, we’re still trying to go 1-0 every week, and nothing is going to change in terms of that.”

(On whether Dallas did anything to take away his running…)  “No, I don’t think they tried to do anything different than other teams in terms of trying to take away the running game.  I think that we just didn’t capitalize, it really comes down to that.  ”

(On the similarities between this game and the Chargers game…)  “They definitely had the ball for a long time.  You think about how well our defense played, despite the circumstances, and how long they were out there.  You have to give credit to our defense, and then Tony Romo makes a great play.  He makes a phenomenal play.  That’s why he is one of the better quarterbacks in the National Football League, because he makes those plays sometimes.  It’s not easy.  We were right there, we had a chance to win the game, and we just fell short.”

“Go Hawks. Pass the peace.”


(On the blocked punt) Yes, it was a designed play; great play by [Brian] Schneider our special teams coach.

(On if he was surprised he ran in so freely) No, not at all; we had good intel on the punt team throughout the week. It’s something we actually installed my rookie season; same situation where I blocked it, somebody picked it up and score a touchdown; very similar to that so we kind of had a good chance to block the punt.

(On what was the toughest thing on offense) That we couldn’t get in a rhythm and I don’t know what it is; we had penalties. We just left so many plays out there on the field. I mean it’s all over the board; we just have to get better.

(On whether he thinks there wasn’t a lot of time on the field) Man, we had plenty of time. We had plenty of time to make plays out there on the field; plenty of time.

(On animated conversation between him and Russell Wilson) We’re frustrated. Offense can’t move the ball. We got too much talent over here not to be moving the ball and it’s not on Russ (Russell Wilson), I’m just saying, in general, our offense; we’re just too good not to be moving the ball down the field. I’m not mad at Russ at all, it’s a collaborative thing. We all have to pitch in and do our part. We all have to be better.


(On contact he was getting) There’s always going to be contact, it just comes down to me making a play. I mean, those are plays I can make and there are plays I know I can make and they were separated from me but just got to do better.

(On level of belief on their last two possessions) I mean we still had a chance. We still had a chance to go down there and tie it up, but we just didn’t do enough offensively.

(On the offense taking a step back this week) We just didn’t get into a good set rhythm; penalties stopped good drives, and those type of mistakes will kill you.


(On what do you do going into next week) We’re going to get after it in practice and really pay attention to film; see where we can get better in a lot of areas.

(On growing up in Kirkland and playing for Seattle) It’s a blast to see it all out there and to play in front of all my hometown fans. It just doesn’t get better than coming out here and playing a game.


(On what happened) We lost but we’ll watch the film tomorrow and get back at it.

(On what happened on the long pass where the defender had his hands in his face) It was sort of a jump ball there and I kind of had to make a play but I guess we’ll see it on film.

(On do they prepare same as usual next week) Yes, same as usual. We’ll finish up with the Cowboys tomorrow and after that we have to move on.

(On how frustrating was this loss) It was one of those games where you feel like if we could have executed a little better, obviously we would have won. Again, we can’t really change that now so we’ll get back to the film tomorrow and go from there.

(On if he was surprised how well the Cowboys played against Percy Harvin) You know what, we played hard and they didn’t really do anything that we weren’t expecting; change your fronts up a little bit here or therebut it’s just one of those things where it comes down to executing.


(On the Cowboys being able to run the ball….) “I think we just didn’t tackle well today and a couple times it was on our gap. They’re a gap running team, they’re not really the blow you off the ball type of offense. But look for the open holes and don’t stop for that flag. You need to cut back and find an open lane to run to, so there’s good backs too, they messed up in front, but that’s not going to define our season or define us as a team, it’s just worse to come back. It’s still a long season, so for us to come back and keep our mind on the next game, that’s all we can do.”

(On when the run game is working that allows the quarterback to do what he does….) “Yeah he can have some good action passes and he has some good throws. I mean how many yards did he have? Not that many, not like 400 or nothing. But he had a good 200-yard game. It was good passes, it was a good efficient game by a good quarterback.”

(On bouncing back, here on out…) “It’s the NFL man. You know, you hear the media say oh the Seahawks, this this and that. I mean guys get balls caught on them, that’s just part of the game.  Every game is a fight, every game is a Super Bowl championship.  We have to go out there and play a championship game every week.  This week, we lost this game, but we have to come back next week and just be who we are.”


(On how much the defense changed when Maxwell went out….) It didn’t change very much.  We ran the same stuff we ran in practice.  He did a great job standing up, doing what he had to do.  We just didn’t make enough stops.

(On whether playing man-on-man vs. Dez Bryant was the plan….) No.  You don’t want to put the young guy in that kind of situation.  That’s what you have to do sometimes, in games like this.  He’s a great receiver.  You don’t want to give them the matchup they desire, so you switch things up on them.

(On the battle with Dez Bryant…) It’s always a great battle.  He’s a great receiver.  He’s going to get some, I’m going to win some.  That’s the battle between two great players.  Unfortunately, we were unable to come out with the win, and that’s how it goes sometimes.

(On what made third down so hard…)  Nothing I can pinpoint. I would have to go look at the film. They made some great plays, it was a great catch there down at the end.  They made some good plays, and you have to tip your hat to them sometimes.


(On should the defense be alarmed) It’s not a worry; we have to just get back to the drawing board. Like I said, it’s football. Our defense is like a string of puppets; we’re all on one string. When one person is out of their gap, it messes the entire defense up and I think that happened today.

(On difficulty of players substituting in and out) Yes, that was tough. The substitutions were tough, but you can’t make any excuses; you have to just battle through that.



(On what he wants to say about the game) “I just gotta watch the film. I can’t really tell what happened. You know, obviously we didn’t stop the run.”

(On RB DeMarco Murray) “Yeah he’s a great back. He’s very patient and he kept fighting all the way through. They outlasted us.”

(On explaining QB Tony Romo’s good game) “He definitely did. He scrambled and did what we prepared for. When he scrambled, we had to plaster. They made a crazy conversion on 3rd and 15 and you know, we just didn’t do enough. Even when offense is not clicking, we still have to stand up if we want to be the defense that we say we are.”

(On if this is the case to losing to a good offense or losing to a good offense while not playing their best on defense) “Yeah. It’s a prime example of if you don’t come with the right mindset, stuff like this can happen. I take full ownership of just not stopping it, but we’ll fix it.”


(On how much his injury impacted him) It played a little bit of a role. I was in some pain but I try to fight through it.

(On if he was surprised Tony Romo came back in after his big hit) Not really; he’s a fighter so I know he was going to get back up and try to will his team to a victory.

(On why was it hard to bring DeMarco Murray down) He’s just good at breaking tackles, good at keep his feet running, and he did a good job.

(On similarities of Time of Possession with Dallas and San Diego) We have to do a better job of getting off the field and when they have the ball for that long, it’s kind of hard to put up points; we have to give the offense back the ball.





(On whether he was surprised about the performance of the run defense….) “It wasn’t good enough.  They just beat us today.”

(On whether the number of injuries contributed to the 12 Men on the Field penalty near the end of the first half…)  “No, it was just a miscommunication, and we have to do better at that.”

(On whether having Sherman shadow Bryant impact what Seattle wanted to do with the defensive scheme…)  “No.  We did the same thing we always do.”


(On what allowed Dallas to run the ball so well….) “We didn’t do a great job tackling, like we normally do.  He was able to pick up some extra yards, those three and four yards are what killed us.  I think, this week, just getting back to the basics on tackling.  Wrapping up, driving your feet.  Next week, you can look to see us a lot better on that.”

(On what to tell fans who might be freaking out right now….) “It’s a long season.  This doesn’t say anything right now.  We took a loss, we didn’t come out and play our best football.  That’s something we pride ourselves on, is playing our best football.  A lot of guys, including myself, were disappointed at our performance, because we know we can be better.  Next week, I know we’re going to clean that up.”

(On similarities between this game and the Chargers game…)  “To me, it was missed tackles.  There was a few where he [Murray] was able to break a couple runs down at the end.  But, other than that, it was just him driving and getting those extra two and three yards after contact.  That’s something that we have to be better at.


(What were the key plays in the game…) “There were three big plays in the game that we had to overcome. We had the blocked punt and the turnovers that gave them the ball in the red zone. I thought our team responded really well. Obviously this is a good football team we played and their hard to beat here. We talked a lot about the mental toughness to overcome circumstance. I thought we did that. That was probably the best thing that we did.

Our defense did a great job in sudden change, getting stops and giving us a chance. Obviously our offense controlled the football for a lot of the game. I don’t know that they (Seattle) had 15, 16 or 17 plays in the first half. It was a real tribute to the guys up front. They controlled the line of scrimmage.

We did a good job of mixing the run and the pass and controlling the ball. When you make those plays, it gives them a chance to be in the ball game and to be ahead. So we had to overcome that stuff. Our guys never blinked, they kept battling. It was one play at a time doing their job . We’re thankful in the end that we were able to do enough to win.”

(How does it help for your team to have the ball for so long in the second quarter…) “Obviously it does. You want to control the line of scrimmage. That’s what we’re trying to do. I think that we have done a good job of that up to this point this year and especially in the second quarter of the game. We were able to keep their guys out there. We have mixed the run and the pass. It was really positive. They weren’t easy, they were hard yards to come by. Our guys kept fighting and kept battling. It was physical, it was the way we wanted to play. It was big in the game, to kind of quiet the whole thing down.

Their (Seattle) a team that is able to quiet the crowd. It’s an environment that is hard to quiet down. I think when your able to run the football and control the line of scrimmage, you can do that. I thought that was a big sequence in the game for us.

(Talk about the Terrence Williams catch on third and twenty…) “It was a remarkable play obviously. I had a pretty good vantage point on that. I don’t know who the heck he was throwing it to. Tony (Romo) did a great job of buying time on that play. That’s something that he has done before. He does a great job of keeping his eyes up. He bought some time to make a play like that. It’s hard to cover those guys for a long time. That was a great throw by Tony and a hell of a catch by Terrance.

That was a remarkable play. It’s a game of inches and he (Williams) did everything the right way. He extended for the ball and obviously kept his feet down. It was certainly a big play in the game, certainly as big of a play that we had.”

(What does this win do for your season…) “Oh it’s just one win. It’s certainly a challenging place to play, against an awfully good football team. There are a lot of things that we can build on from this game and we can learn from it. When you play teams like this, you can’t do what we did with the football. You can’t have a blocked punt, you can’t turn the ball over twice, when were there in the red zone, knocking on the door. We’ll learn from those experiences and hopefully get better in that area. We did a lot of positive things…It was a work in progress. It was certainly a good day for our football team.”

(Thoughts on Dallas’ defense today…) “They (our defense) did a really good job, starting at the line of scrimmage. That runner (Lynch) is fantastic for them. They have done such a good job controlling games by running the football. They get so much off of that. They (Seattle) get the quarterback movements off of that. They get there play action off of that. So it started with locking in and making sure that he (Wilson) didn’t control the game. I thought of guys did a good job of that for the most part. They’re a good team, they have weapons. Their quarterback is fantastic, they use all those guys the right way. So we were challenged a lot of different ways. Our guys stepped up. I said to our guys a lot, great job of getting off the field on third down. That was a big part of this game.”

(Thoughts on Murray’s efforts…) “I thought he did a really good job. Those are dirty yards. This (Seattle) is a defense that plays what we call single high defense, north of ninety percent of the time. All the different formations and personal groups used, there’s always an extra guy down there. We thought it was going to be tough sledding to run the football but we had to be persistent with it. Our guys did an excellent job…Randle did a nice job of running the football as well, as a change-up. The plays that Lance Dunbar made in the passing game were big. I thought a combination of those guys, all the running backs stood out well today.



(On the win…) “It just takes something to flip the match over in it, and this could do it. We actually said before we came up here, I just really couldn’t imagine us playing and competing [the way we did.] We came back against adverse special team-type mistakes, then the special teams responded with a 57-yard field goal. I really do think it’s the kind of win under adverse circumstances, which this is, that you really build from. I got to be a part of one like this when I was a senior in college. We were never scored on again after winning a game we might not should have won and these guys, these players will build off this.”

(On playing as favorites or underdogs…) “That’s a fine line. It’s an advantage to feel like that even though you make some mistakes that you will prevail with your fundamentals and keep your head down and keep going, so that’s a fine line. The way we won this game, to have done in against a great team, and a really, really adverse situation in this stadium, and everyone knows that, and to handle adversity against a great team in this condition is a big plus for them. I am so proud of these guys. I am so proud of Jason. He has had the time here very similar to this ball game. In about the time he feels like he can get it going something else will flare up, but he has stayed in there. He has had great leadership for this coaching staff and our players.”

(On the defense...) “Of course after we lost Sean Lee it certainly looked like we were going to be challenged on top of the fact we lost Ware and key players like (Jason) Hatcher. But man did it make me feel good seeing that No. 93 (Anthony) Spencer out there today moving the way he was moving, the best he has played all year and I haven’t even graded the tape, but I know it is. And to see McClain out there playing and leading like that, those are guys that I couldn’t have told you when the year started that they would be out there making plays against Seattle, the Super Bowl champions, and to come up here and lead their team this way is almost more than you could ask. That defense certainly deserves every part of this victory that anybody wants to give them.”

(On players negotiating contracts after the win…) “I will tell you this—I have spent more money in happy situations than we could then in our lifetime spend. I think a lot of them [want to], but we won’t talk contracts tonight. But there is nobody that doesn’t understand that when Jason does well, I do well… I am proud that we are sharing this success with his head coaching effort, he deserves it.”



(On the win…) Obviously that was a big win and that’s an outstanding football team we just played. They are good everywhere—up front, back end, defensively, offensively—they have been very good this year. I think we take the approach for our opponent of saying ‘nameless, faceless, go out and do your job.—you just do that but sometimes it’s a little tougher when you play a team of that caliber. You just have to go out there and do your job and you have got to make a couple plays when you have to [in order to] to beat a team like that and I thought our team did that.”

(On third down conversions…) “We have been doing that every game, it’s not anything new. I know sometimes against these guys teams don’t do that. Throughout the week, from my part of what I had to do in the game, when I watch them again and again and a thousand times over again, and their coverage is outstanding. But you begin to understand and conceptualize what they do, and it gives you a chance to get through progressions really quickly and get to certain spots and what they are doing defensively. That was my big thing this week—just hammering that out and grinding away and feeling really comfortable going up to the game. It was nice being able to execute.”

(On Seattle’s defensive scheme…) “I had yet to see them move (Richard) Sherman around, and I know they kind of had to because they had a corner hurt, but they kind of tracked Dez (Bryant), and they hadn’t done that before. That was a little out of character for them.”

(On approaching the game…) “We always have the same approach. Ultimately at the end of the day, some of these players have to make some plays. It’s going to be tough in an environment like that, but it’s nice to have guys around you that can play football at a pretty high level and you can go out and what you need to do to when football games and help your team.”


(On the big hit from Bobby Wagner…) “My back is fine. My rib cartilage might have something to say about it, but we will see. We will go through all of the stuff tomorrow—obviously the soreness after a game and that part of it, but the back is fine.”

(On coming back, unlike last time in Seattle…) “I think we are a little better ballclub. Our team understands we do a lot of things pretty well and I think we have the ability to impose ourselves on the other team. we know our games, and close games in the NFL in general, have their way of evening out, you just have go to stay committed to what you do. You have got to execute, ultimately it all comes down to execution.”

(On the sideline pass to Terrance Williams…) “It was to Terrance. But Terrance made a great play, obviously it was a great catch.”

(On how to read the field in that moment…) “Quickly. When you turn and come out of movement, you try to find the guys. You don’t just find Terrance—you find the defensive backs. You where they are and which ones are going to give you a first down and which ones aren’t on your team… You put it over the first guy, away from the second guy and Terrance made a great play.”

(On Terrance Williams’ big play ability…) “He works hard; he stays in movement. As I move around he has a great knack for that and we have a few guys like that on the team, really.”

(On the team’s execution…) “You’re trying to win the game, regardless if you’re going against the champs or whoever, I think you put your head down and go to work and go execute. Every week we like our chances, and every week you have to go out and prove it though.


(On the defense…) “They were outstanding, we were developing some things—we are better offensively than we were previous years, last year. We had the ability to do some things. I think our defense needed to take the same steps, and they are doing that this year. I trust them throughout football games… they are playing outstanding ball. They are fast, they are aggressive—they are starting to make a name for themselves. We are excited about that. It gives us a chance to out and win every week.”




(On the win…) “Yeah, we’re not going to make it bigger than it is. There’s still a lot of football to be played. We are a confident football team. Coach (Jason) Garrett has done an unbelievable job since the first day we started up. It’s big win since they are defending champs to come here on the road in this environment. It’s a huge win, we are going to enjoy it, but we are going to move forward. There is a lot of football to be played. I think that shows the maturity of this team—we expected to win, we knew this was going to be challenged and we stayed the course. Nobody blinked even though we made a lot of mistakes and [we] came away with a big win.”

(On the success of the running game…) “We just stuck with it. Coach Linehan talked about that early—they are No. 1 in the league in rush defense. Those 2, 3-yard runs can turn into big ones. We were able to a good formation and DeMarco (Murray) has run hard. I really think he has shown his maturity as a back, sticking with us and sticking with it and coming out on the back end on a couple of those late in the game.”

(On the defense…) “They played huge. They got a little cheap on their shoulder—a lot of people have told them how bad they are for a long time. They played with a lot of energy, they played together—they were making a lot of big plays for us. It’s a statement for them and there’s a lot football left, we will continue to build on that and keep getting better.”

(On the sideline pass to Williams…) “We were just all trying to get open. When Tony (Romo) scrambles he is as good as there is at creating plays. [We were] trying to get the first down and it’s third and a long ways. [It was an] unbelievable catch, unbelievable throw by Tony and for Terrence to go in there. I was pulled up at the last second because I saw Terrence running, big time catch by him. You’re seeing it—there are a lot of different weapons on this offense and it was a big play by him to keep the drive alive.”


(On his key third-down reception…)  “It was one of those things, if you see Tony trying to make a play. It was one of things when I see him rolling the best thing to do is just come to the sideline.  I saw him rolling right to the sideline, so I rolled with him, and he threw it.  It was just like one of those things – if he throws it up, I’m trying to gain all his trust, so I’m going to catch it regardless.”

(On if he thought the pass was intended for him or for Witten…)  “I don’t know. But when I see the ball go up, he tells us, when the ball goes up in the air, it’s ours or nobody’s.  It probably was for somebody, but I didn’t know because I’m too busy tracking it.  So when he threw it up, I just got it.”

(On Richard Sherman…)  “Sherman’s great.  He’s one of those guys who you can’t do the same thing twice.  You have to keep him off-balance because he picks up on splits (unclear). When you play a guy like Sherman it’s one of those things where you have to keep changing it up, but you also have to play fast, because once he gets his hands on you, it’s kind of hard to get off of him.  My hat goes off to him, because he’s great.”

(On if Romo looks to him when pass protection breaks down…)  “Well, it’s one of things, whenever you see Tony Romo, and Dez will tell you, if he throws the ball, it has to be ours.  Because it seems like whenever he rolls, I have to see where he goes, and then I just try to find the best way to get the ball.”

(On knowing he’s obligated to find a way to get open when Romo is scrambling…)  “You’ve always got to keep working.  I’ve been doing this for a while, and in practice we all do the same thing. Whenever Tony rolls, the play is just beginning.  You have to find the best way for him to throw the ball (to you), so if you’re short, go deep.  If you’re deep, come short.  So I rolled to the sideline, and the sideline kept the safeties away to throw the ball.”




(On Rolando McClain…) “Absolute animal man, an animal. I see why he was a Top 10 pick. He’s my little big brother, my big little brother actually—‘bro, it is big little brother or little big brother’, big little brother—me and him man, I feed off him. Since the day he walked in I went up to him before he even took a snap. I watched him in college, he can play.”

(On guys emerging with Ware’s departure…) “He was an extremely good teammate, but the departure of him has given some guys an opportunity. I feel that if we get better and better each week, the best is yet to come with this team.”



(On approaching the game…) “We had a hostile environment and a tough team ahead of us, but at the same time we had, inside our own locker room, what it takes to fight the whole 60 minutes.”

(On preparing for Seattle…) “We had to accept the challenge of playing against a high-powered offense, a quarterback who can get the job done, a running back who can move the pile and get his yards as well. As defensive backs we know the front seven did a great job of containing the quarterback."

(On the defense’s success…) “We have come a long way. [We have] a long way to go and a lot we want to still accomplish, but at the same time this football team is trying to find itself. We are in a good place right now where we are rolling and each and every day we can focus on our job and have fun with this. Let the wins keep coming but at the same time take advantage of every situation and make sure we are all doing our job.”

(On the win…) “This league is hard to get a win, let alone on the road, battling the 12th Man and the hostile environment. It’s tough in that situation, but there are a lot of guys in this locker room that don’t care about anything but the Cowboys and what is going on in this organization. We accept any challenge that comes our way—we like playing football and it shows when we go out there on the field.”

(On a renewed energy…) “Some new faces, some old ones mixed in, but the mentality has definitely changed in the locker room—the atmosphere has definitely changed, [it is] more upbeat, more competitive. We were down 10 points, but it’s a 60 minute dog fight, and we are going to fight the whole 60.”


(On where the new energy came from…) “It starts with yourself first. You have to believe in yourself and your abilities. It can take some time, but I’ve been in the system for two years and you learn in the ins and outs and you get beat up sometimes and sometimes you don’t have a great day, but you dust yourself off and compete each and every week you step onto the field. We are in a good place right now.”