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Seahawks back to work to prep for Rams, with LB Bobby Wagner's turf toe a top issue

The Seahawks are back on the practice field this morning and this afternoon following the players' only day off this week before Sunday's game at St. Louis (1-4). Rams coach Jeff Fisher is doing his weekly conference call with the media from the opposing team's city this morning. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll meets with the media just after noon.

The first topic of that discussion is likely to be the health of middle linebacker Bobby Wagner, specifically how his turf-toe injury may affect Seattle's defense over the next few games.

In today's News Tribune I went further into the causes and effects of not giving Marshawn Lynch the ball more than 10 times in a game. I know that's at the risk of that horse already being dead, but to me the power-running game sets up much of what the Seahawks want to do and have successfully done in five seasons under Carroll: Russell Wilson's play-action passing, slowing the opposing pass rush, controlling field position and time of possession and thus putting Seattle's defense in more advantageous positions to attack rather than react to offenses. We didn't see any of those successes in the Dallas game, or in San Diego, either. Thus, the Super Bowl champions are 3-2.

In that story I detailed that the last three times the Seahawks have been 3-2 -- 2005, '07 and '12 -- they have advanced to, in order, the Super Bowl, the NFC divisional playoffs and the divisional playoffs again. In other words, it's a looooong season.

--You wouldn't guess it at first blush, but TNT columnist John McGrath really does enjoy Rick Ross' "Can't Hold Me Back." Might even have it in his 8-track collecti.... oh, wait.

But McGrath writes in today's paper that he'd like to see a little less of the defense dancing during timeouts at home games and little more tackling.

Tackling's been an issue for the Seahawks this season. Coordinator Dan Quinn spotted a dozen missed tackles at San Diego last month, and it looked like at least that many in last weekend's loss to the Cowboys. Rush end Bruce Irvin was among those after the game citing the need for better tackling as job No. 1 for the defense. Yes, the same Irvin that twice missed on swipes at Tony Romo before Dallas' quarterback flipped the third-and-20 pass that Terrance Williams amazingly caught at the sideline to set up the Cowboys' go-ahead score late in the fourth quarter. If Irvin could have brought down Romo, Dallas punts with 4 minutes left and the Seahawks may have been handing the ball off repeatedly to Lynch, after all, to run out the clock in their 4-minute offense on their way to being 4-1 instead.

Ah, the "if."