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Percy Harvin's hasty exit to Jets means Seahawks' return to Marshawn Lynch. Remember him?

UPDATE: A league source with knowledge of the deal says the Seahawks are getting a conditional, sixth-round choice in the 2015 draft from the New York Jets in the now-official trade of wide receiver Percy Harvin. Depending on how many games Harvin plays and how much he produces the rest of this season, that pick could become a fourth-round choice next spring.

The Jets made the official announcement of the still-stunning trade this morning. The Seahawks were waiting for New York, as the acquiring team, to official announce the deal.

Seahawks general manager John Schneider then issued a relatively vague statement calling it an "extremely difficullt decision," without offering details as to why "this is in our best interest."


Harvin's abrupt exit from the team had built its offense around him over the first five games -- including two losses, as many as Seattle had in the first three months of last season -- frees Seattle play caller Darrell Bevell to now, more than ever, give the ball to Marshawn Lynch.

Remember that guy? Long dreads. Runs like somebody egged his house. The masher who has made four Pro Bowls and rushed for more than 1,200 yards last season.

I've written repeatedly this week how Seattle is 2-9 when giving Lynch 10 or fewer carries since it acquired him from Buffalo four games into the 2010 season.

The converse of that: The Seahawks are 24-5 when Lynch rushes 20 or more times, including 16-2 the last two seasons.

The Rams have the league’s 26th-ranked run defense, allowing an average of 139.8 yards per game.

Guess which way the Seahawks should lean Sunday.

“Marshawn is a huge key for us winning the game,” Bevell said this week. “And we do — and I — have to do a better job of giving him the ball.”

--You are likely to hear the word "chemistry" more than than a high-school kid with a Bunsen burner in the coming days, because it's becoming apparent that was the issue that got Harvin a one-way trip to New York rather than with the Seahawks to St. Louis Friday afternoon. From what I've been told, it was Harvin clashing with teammates in the locker room dating to at least last winter  -- something the Seahawks effectively kept in-house. Until Friday, anyway.

Former Seahawks quarterback and Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Moon was using the "c" word Friday in the hours after the trade.

Here's what I saw in the times the media was permitted to be in the locker room: Harvin mostly keeping to himself, with ear-bud headphones in his lobes and walking in directly to his locker room near the start of practice times. He ate solo at his locker, like Thursday when he was carrying a plate of salmon -- with barbeque sauce on it (see, told you, the native of Virginia wasn't the right fit in the Northwest!)

"I think the combination," Moon told SiriusXM radio -- he meant the chemistry and bad fit with Lynch, not the barbeque on the salmon-- "made it to where he was expendable."