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Earl Thomas doesn't care for the way Seahawks games are being officiated this season

Even after they got bamboozled on the Rams' fake punt with 3 minutes left, the Seahawks -- out of timeouts and down 28-26 -- still had a final chance.

St. Louis’ Tre Mason amazingly fumbled on a hit by Malcolm Smith at the end of his long run to the Seattle 32 with 74 seconds to go. The ball bounded 9 yards and rested under Sherman’s legs and, briefly it appeared, his torso. Yet the officials ruled St. Louis ultimately recovered.

The Seahawks were still steaming afterward that replay officials did not even stop the game to review who recovered the ball under the huge pile.

“I had the ball. I was down,” Sherman said. “I thought they would have blown the whistle, but they stopped the ball and moved it back to the old spot.”

Then again, the way the Seahawks started, the way they played special teams, they hadn’t earned a gift, final chance.

As Sherman said: "I wasn't surprised. That's kind of how the game went for us."

Earl Thomas is thinking that's how all Seahawks games are going this season. And he doesn't like it.

"We are playing more than our opponents. We are playing the referees, too," Thomas said. "I don't care what nobody say. That needs to be brought up."