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Russell Wilson: "Percy Harvin and I never had differences...Ignore the noise...There is no division in our locker room"

On his way out to practice this afternoon, quarterback Russell Wilson was more expansive than I expected him to be in addressing a national online report yesterday that there is division in the locker room, there is a rift in the Seahawks' locker room between a pro-Wilson and anti-Wilson camp and that the now-traded Percy Harvin was "an accelerant" to that divide.

"There's no division in our locker room. There's none at all," Wilson said behind a podium at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center here in Renton three days before Seattle (3-3) plays at Carolina (3-3-1). "If anything, I think we've continued to build, continued to grow. I truly believe that.

"I believe the guys that we have in the locker room believe that we can go 1-0, that we still can be a championship team. Those are the guys that we have sitting in this room every day."

As for Harvin, Wilson continued: "Percy and I never had differences. He's a guy that we had a lot of similarities, probably, if anything. We are both guys that want to compete at the highest level, want to win every single time we step on the field, want the ball in our hands to make the big play and everything. I'm not sure why the media wants to try to blow everything out of proportion. That's just part of it, I guess. It's part of it and you have to deal with it.

"Like I always tell you guys: Ignore the noise.

"Percy's a Virginia guy. I wish nothing but the best for him."

You can listen to all of what Wilson said on this and more here. His comments on Harvin are around the 1:00 mark and on there being no division in the locker room is around 2:55.

"Our locker room is great," Wilson said. "We have guys that are very positive, guys that really want to work and really want to win. That's what we need. We need that, for sure. And we have that. We are relying on that, the positive mentality of the guys that we have in the room.

The start of what Wilson said is on video here:

Some of this is what happens to Super Bowl champions. They get more national attention. I mean, who was dissecting the psychology of Seattle's locker room at this time last year? Who outside the Pacific Northwest even noticed there was an NFL locker room in Seattle at this time last year?

Wilson agrees with me on that.

"I think a big part of it is, especially when you've won a Super Bowl, especially when things have gone really well, I think a big part of it is also to be able to block a lot of the noise. What I mean by saying that is, I don't watch ESPN. I don't read y'all's articles -- no offense (none taken). I just stay away from it all. I think that's a major part of it for me, because I have complete confidence in who I am, I have complete confidence in the person I am striving to be every day."

--Here is all of what safety Earl Thomas said today (I videoed the entire thing). Thomas said he believes the defense is very close to being like it was last season. He realizes teams aren't throwing down the field this season as they did against Seattle last season when the Seahawks had the league's No. 1 pass defense.

"Of course they are not going to attack us like they did last year, because it didn't work for them," Thomas said with logic that is hard to refute.

Thomas and safety Kam Chancellor talked today how quarterbacks are checking down more against Seattle, hitting safety-valve receivers far underneath the Seahawks' pass coverage down field.

"We've just got to get that mojo back," Thomas said of the defense.

"I think this team is in the right direction. ... We are going to come together."