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Back by popular demand: The return of The News Tribune NFL weekly pick 'em

I've had some requests on here to bring back the weekly game picks contest on the Seahawks Insider blog. So it's back.

I set it up through the Pigskin Pick 'Em site. The page is here. Click the red "Join Group" tab on the bottom right. I've named our group "The News Tribune pick 'em."

As I understand it, the way it works is you need a user name and password on to play. Nothing else. It's free. Then you click through the groups list to join "The News Tribune pick 'em" group. Then go under the "My Entry" tab to pick each week's games. You can set your account to receive an e-mail reminder to make your picks each week. Remember, there's a Thursday night game each week of this regular season, so have it by Thursday afternoon each week.

So everyone who always, sometimes or even never (except this very moment) reads here, join in! I'll come up with something at the end of the season for the winner -- something absolutely stupendous, I'm sure of it. And I'll share my picks each week before the games begin.

No money wagering, please. At least not that I know about. Fun and bragging rights -- and the stupendous gift at season's end -- are what's at stake here.

Let me know if you have any issues getting it started, or if I've messed something up getting our "league" established on that site. Thanks and best of luck trying to best me(!)