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Halftime: Seahawks lead Packers 17-10; as promised, Percy Harvin getting used plenty; defense dropping into coverage rather than pressure

The Seahawks lead the Packers at halftime 17-10 while using Percy Harvin as they promised they would -- and so much more than they were able to last season when he played in just one regular-season game and two playoff ones. The renewed, supersonic wide receiver has five receptions for 48 yards -- including three bubble screens and a 33-yard gain on a zooming crossing route -- plus 2 carries for 22 yards on fly sweeps. That's come in his first half since he had offseason hip surgery.

I thought Seattle would use Marshawn Lynch with pounding, inside runs against a smaller, fast Green Bay defense that has used as few as two defensive linemen and as many as five linebackers for much of the opening half. Lynch has seven carries for 59 yards and a 9-yard touchdown behind a fine kick-out block by second tight end Luke Willson on Packers linebacker Clay Matthews. Expect more of Lynch in the second half, especially if Green Bay tries to stay quick and light on defense.

Seattle's defense has dropped as many as eight men into coverage against Aaron Rodgers, to mixed results. Rodgers has completed 14 of 18 passes but for just 86 yards, as he keeps having to throw beneath all of the Seahawks' dropping cover men. The one time Rodgers went deep, he got wide receiver Randall Cobb isolated on middle linebacker Bobby Wagner 44 yards down field. Wagner had no choice but to pull down Cobb before the ball arrived to prevent the reception, but not the pass-interference foul that had Green Bay in the Seahawks' red zone. But Tony McDaniel's powerful bull rush pushed a Packer lineman into Rodgers, forcing a scramble and throwaway. Green Bay settled for just the tying field goal in the second quarter instead of a possible 14-10 lead.

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