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Rare weekend off for Seahawks, 8 days before game at San Diego; Sherman to stay put on left side

Happy weekend. The Seahawks have today and Sunday off from practice. They will be back on the field Monday in Renton, then get their union-mandated Tuesday off before the Sept. 14 game at San Diego. It's the flip-side benefit of playing a Thursday game to open the NFL season.

Seattle came out of the game with just one injury, though it is an impacting one. Nickel back Jeremy Lane is going to miss a while, according to coach Pete Carroll, after he re-injured his groin in the third quarter of Thursday's 36-16 win over Green Bay. Marcus Burley, acquired last week from Indianapolis for a sixth-round draft choice next year, replaced Lane as the fifth defensive back and is the fill-in nickel for now. Carroll says the team is exploring other options there, but the coach was impressed with how aggressive Burley was and how ready the second-year pro was to play his first NFL game just five days after joining the team.

--I wrote in today's News Tribune about Carroll saying Richard Sherman will be staying on the left side exclusively at cornerback. Sherman didn't get throw at -- at all -- among Aaron Rodgers' 33 passes in the opener.

Seahawks staffers said it was the first time they can recall since Sherman joined the team in 2011 that he wasn't targeted at all in a game.

“Basically over the years we’ve always played left and right. We really bank on guys getting a feel for how they play on their side,” Carroll said yesterday. “(Byron Maxwell, who had a key interception of Rodgers in the third quarter to make a 17-10 game 20-10) is holding up; that’s what so exciting. He’s playing great football.

“I don’t know if that’s going to go away if we keep getting picks over there. … We’ll see what happens and it’ll be interesting to watch it.”

“We’ll let you know when the time comes if we need to do something about it.”

Don't hold your breath on that, by the way.
Sherman had the ball thrown his way only 65 times in 19 games including the playoffs last season (3.4 targets per game), according to a study in May done by the deep statistical thinkers at Football Outsiders. That was 58th-most in the league. Yet Sherman led the NFL with eight interceptions. In 2012 Sherman was thrown at 86 times, 4.8 times per game.
This caption of the top photo of Sherman talking to Rodgers

What actually happened after the game was clear in this gif from USA Today: Sherman walked up to Rodgers near the middle of the field and somewhat kiddingly chided the quarterback: "You were avoiding me, weren't you?" -- or something to that effect. Rodgers could clearly been seen nodding his head and saying, "Yep." Sherman then tapped Rodgers on the back as each player headed to his locker room. It was anything but taunting, but that wouldn't feed the prevailing stereotypes.

Usually the photographers write their own captions for their pictures that appear in print, sometimes editors do. Rick Wood, the photographer credited in the cut line of the photo, is a Journal Sentinel staffer so this caption was written in-house by the Milwaukee paper.