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Josh Thomas enters Seahawks' most pressing competition; Seattle tops News Tribune's NFL 32

The Seahawks are back on the field this afternoon in Renton to resume preparing for Sunday's game at San Diego, after being off the field for three of the previous four days in what amounted to a mini bye following last Thursday's opening win over Green Bay.

For today's News Tribune I detailed more on the newest Seahawks defensive back, Josh Thomas (right), and why his arrival is important with Seattle facing Philip Rivers and Peyton Manning in

the next two games. Thomas says he has never played inside versus slot receivers, but he was a safety in high school and a cornerback who played like a safety making hits and the University of Buffalo. He also says "I'm a competitor," which is good because he is entering the most pressing competition on the team right now. He figures to be involved somehow as the Seahawks sort out who will be the nickel defensive back for injured Jeremy Lane in San Diego.

--TNT columnist John McGrath sees NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as one or the other over the Ray Rice situation, and neither is flattering: a liar or a dunce.

That's harsh, but the league and its chiefs -- and the Ravens, as you'll see below -- deserve all that and more for their handling of this.

--Thought you'd like to see what Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said he told Richard Sherman in the postgame exchange we talked about last week.

--Congrats to rdavies_wa and mbschneider for leading our News Tribune Pigskin Pick 'Em after one week. Each got 12 of 16 games correct to begin the season. I got 10, one above the group of 97's average of nine; though I will gloat that I had Miami upsetting New England at home.

For argumentative purposes, here are the TNT's NFL rankings of every team, 1-32. For lack of a readily apparent better name we'll call it The News Tribune's NFL 32 (Better than the tired "power rankings." Who supplies and assesses the "power," anyway? And is the dead-last team all that powerful?),

Following Week 1:

1. Seahawks (1-0)

No other team: 1.) Bushwhacked an expected division champion by 20 points in the Week 1 and 2.) Is the defending Super Bowl champion. Next: First real game in San Diego since Mike Holmgren's fourth year as coach (2002).

2. Broncos (1-0)

For the first three quarters against Indianapolis the Broncs were almost as impressive as Seattle was against Green Bay. (Andrew) Luck wasn't on their side in the fourth.

3. Dolphins (1-0)

This isn't to say Miami is or will be the third-best team in the league. But what the 'Fins did to Tom Brady and the Patriots in the opener was certainly among the three most-impressive performances.

4. 49ers (1-0)

Long gone are those concerns in the Bay Area that the starting offense didn't score in the preseason. Then again, Santa Clara was opposing the Cowboys.

5. Packers (0-1)

The more we watched the wretched first weekend, the more we realized the Packers' performance in Seattle wasn't so awful, after all.

6. Saints (0-1)

With Drew Brees slingin' and Sean Payton calling the plays, New Orleans will be lethal if its defense gets even semi-respectable. It wasn't in Atlanta.

7. Falcons (1-0)

Matt Ryan's 448-yard passing day rallied them at home past a Saints team some are already anointing as the biggest threat to the Seahawks' reign of the NFC.

8. Bengals (1-0)

Won at AFC North-rival Baltimore for the first time in five years. Andy Dalton is 31-18 as a starter, the best winning percentage by a Cincinnati  QB with at least 10 starts. Yes, better than Ken Anderson and Boomer Esiason.

9. Patriots (0-1)

Good thing Tom Brady has a someone to go home to after a loss like that.

10. Eagles (1-0)

Chip Kelly's flyers turned the ball over three times but avoided an embarrassing home loss by rallying past the Jaguars. Nick Foles is still flingin' it.

11. Colts (0-1)

Too bad Andrew Luck was locked in on well-covered Reggie Wayne on that fourth-down throw at the end. If not, Colts seemed set to take that game in Denver to overtime, if not win.

12. Titans (1-0)

Big win at Arrowhead for UW Southeast. Jake Locker was 22 for 33 for 266 yards and two touchdowns in his first game back from injury and with new coordinator Ken Whisenhunt. Bishop Sankey six carries, 25 yards in NFL debut.

13. Vikings (1-0)

Sure the Rams are a mess right now, but Minnesota -- flying with new offensive coordinator Norval Tuner (that's what Al Davis called him) -- made St. Louis look even more dreadful on its home field.

14. Bills (1-0)

Have they found a new owner to keep them in Western New York and a long-term quarterback in the same week? E.J. Manuel taking the Bills into Chicago and winning raised an eyebrow.

15. Jets (1-0)

You heard it hear first: The Jets, behind a good defense and revitalized QB Geno Smith, will win the AFC East, leaving the Patriots for the wild card. Not that beating Oakland proves anything, though.

16. Panthers (1-0)

Derek Anderson -- four passes in the previous two seasons -- fills in for Cam Newton and leads a win at Tampa Bay. But not sure what a win at Tampa Bay indicates.

17. Lions (1-0)

Matthew Stafford had them flying around Ford Field like Mustangs Monday night. Then again, it looked like those were the 1970s, Joe Pisarcik Giants they were playing.

19. Cardinals (1-0)

Good Carson Palmer showed up in Glendale Monday night. He has a little speedster in rookie John Brown from even smaller Pittsburg State in Kansas. His catch and run beat San Diego.

20. Chargers (0-1)

What happened to that attacking, swarming defense they had for the first three quarters at Arizona? The Seahawks are expecting a bolt back to rugged play from San Diego on Sunday.

21. Steelers (1-0)

Hate to put my guys this low after a win ... but: Big Ben and pals were steamrolling the Browns 27-3, like most do. Then Pittsburgh looked like, well, Cleveland after that.

22. Bears (0-1)

How did they lose to Buffalo with Jay Cutler having 34 completions and 349 yards passing? He threw two more interceptions. The Bears also lost a fumble for minus-2 in the most telling stat in the sport: turnover ratio.

23. Texans (1-0)

Doubt they can keep winning by gaining just 316 total yards and getting 16 first downs -- and by not having Washington on the schedule anymore.

24. Chiefs (0-1)

Alex Smith looked like the 49ers version in the opener instead of the Chiefs version from 2013.

25. Rams (0-1)

Down to Plan C at quarterback just one game into the season. Raise you hand if you had heard of Austin Davis before Sunday.

26. Browns (0-1)

Brian Hoyer's performance in Pittsburgh, rallying the Browns from 24 points down at halftime, may keep Johnny Football as Johnny Benchwarmer for a while.

27. Giants (0-1)

Are they really as bad as they looked on Monday night. In New York, they think they may be worse.

28. Jaguars (0-1)

Being up 17 early at Philadelphia in Week One hints at the talent the Gus Bradleys are developing. Now, for learning how to win ...

29. Raiders (0-1)

Derek Carr has the Seahawks' first- and second-team defense to thank for having a starting job as a rookie. He has no one to thank for what's around him in Oakland.

30. Washington (0-1)

If Dallas and Baltimore weren't in the league, this team would be dead last this week. A blocked extra point after it somehow scored. A blocked punt for a Houston TD. New coach Jay Gruden has a ways to go.

31. Cowboys (0-1)

When I wrote last week their defense was Nick-Holt-at-UW bad, I left out that at least Holt didn't have Tony Romo sabotaging his job by throwing it to the other team.

32. Ravens (0-1)

There have been better weeks for this franchise -- even the week in which Art Modell cowardly stole it away from Cleveland. This rock-bottom ranking is for what they didn't do more than what they did.