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You might want to put on a helmet and shoulder pads to read, watch this Earl Thomas: "I am going to go on a tear"

Even for Earl Thomas, a no-smiles, all-business, self-described "warrior" renowned for intensity, this was especially full of fervor.

It was candid. It was unguarded. And it was so much better than the usual, game-week fare from veteran NFL players.

In Thomas' weekly press conference on stage in the main auditorium of the Virginia Mason Athletic Center the Seahawks' All-Pro gripped each side of the podium, at times clutching it like he it was a running back he was about to discard to the turf.

And he was unguarded in assailing himself for a lack of proper focus in San Diego -- and then while praising himself for a renewed intensity and dedication to "be unstoppable." It's the result of him having to leave last weekend's game in San Diego to get intravenous fluids for cramps and then returning for the end of Seattle's 30-21 loss to the Chargers that obviously still chafes at Thomas.

"I think I definitely got my championship spirit back after that loss. You know, my crave, my hunger and my desire to be unstoppable," Thomas said.

He had absolutely zero expression in his face and tone in his words, as usual.

"I didn't think I lost it, but after that game I was like, 'Dang!' Something just hit me. Ever since it feels so good to be feeling like this."

Thomas said he didn't know why he had lost his drive.

"The thing is, I'm honest with myself," he said. "I look myself in the mirror and just try to evaluate what's going on in my world. But honestly I couldn't tell you what was going on before -- but we hadn't lost in a long time, and I'm always into my work and I'm thinking I'm on the right path.

"But," he said with a shrug, "I guess it's (Earl Thomas) 2.0."

OK, he let loose a tiny smile and chuckle there.

Of course, it's not like the original, 1.0 version of Thomas was a scrub. In addition to being first-team All-Pro last season for the second consecutive year he made his third consecutive Pro Bowl. Coach Pete Carroll remains almost in awe of how intensely prepared and dedicated Thomas is in his fifth season since the Seahawks drafted him with the 14th overall pick out of Texas in the 2010 draft.

Simply put, Thomas is the most indispensable member of what has been the league's top-ranked defense.

You can see for yourself the rest of the video, including, "I know my impact is vital out there."

Beyond the video, Thomas didn't give the Chargers a ton of credit for keeping the Seahawks' defense on the field for 42:15 on the game's 60 minutes, the decisive statistic in Seattle's sixth loss in 31 games.

"We gave them everything," he spat.

"When you are on top like this, you have to protect what you have. It's not a one-person game; it's a team sport. We constantly have to capture every we have. We have a lot of younger players that are trying to understand their role. But we had a lot of great, teachable moments from that film. I got on to some guys. I took criticism myself. And we move on."

Thomas also said he and his defense must prepare for Denver to run in Sunday's game basically everything the Seahawks have struggled to defend in the last few seasons. He said the Chargers were running plays last weekend that Atlanta used to beat Seattle in the 2012 NFC divisional playoffs.

"I was out of the game (in the third quarter) and J.J. (backup free safety Jeron Johnson) was in the middle of the field. And they had a fake bubble (screen) and backside post. I remember the Atlanta game they hit us twice (with that play). They had success on it -- and (the Chargers) came back with it."

Johnson moved to the backside post by San Diego's Keenan Allen last weekend, but Allen fell down before he could complete the route. That left Antonio Gates open down the seam near the goal line. But in one of the only time Rivers missed Gates last weekend, Rivers instead overthrew better-covered Eddie Royal on the right sideline in the end zone for an incomplete pass.

"So we've got to be ready for everything we've messed up since we've been a part of the 'LOB,'" Thomas said.

That, of course, is the Seattle's "Legion of Boom" defensive secondary.

When I asked how widespread the feeling on the defense or the team is that others need to "regain" that championship spirit, Thomas said: "I don't know. I can't speak for other people.

"But I believe when I'm in this mindset that I am going to go on a tear."

Far from the garden-variety, Peyton-Manning-is-a-great-quarterback-so-we-must-be-ready stuff during a game week, eh?