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Seahawks on break; Marshawn Lynch's 10 great minutes on the radio; snap counts from win over Denver

This morning the Seahawks are as far away from the NFL as they can possibly be during the regular season. They have started a seven-day break during their lone bye in the schedule, due back at their headquarters in Renton on Monday to begin preparing for the Oct. 6 game at Washington.

The Seahawks took the same full-week break during their bye last season before a Monday-night home game against New Orleans, though that was far later in the season, in late November.

In today's News Tribune I wrote why the break is especially timely for Kam Chancellor. The hard-hitting strong safety has pain in his ankle that Carroll said has been present for a while and may be an issue the team's medical staff will have to manage throughout the season.

--This is highly entertaining, as good as you will ever hear from running back Marshawn Lynch. He dropped in on the radio for 10 minutes with former Seahawks cornerback Marcus Trufant from Tacoma's Wilson High School and others who host "The Babershop" on Seattle's 710 ESPN station.

Lynch joked at the irony of being on a show called "The Barbershop"; he has no need for a barber because he keeps his hair in dreadlocks. Then he mentions how the Broncos pulled off one of his dreads during Sunday's game.

"I had to R.I.P. one, had a nice service when I got home," Lynch joked.

At one point Lynch lets slip with a profanity then immediately corrects himself with, "You can't say '****' on the radio."

"You just did," one of the co-hosts said.

"You can," Trufant added, "but we're going to cut it. Yeah, you good, you good."

Lynch explains his reluctance to being interviewed and being in any spotlight, despite being a 1,200-yard rusher on a Super Bowl-champion team.

"Being in this position, I feel like I was never meant for me to be famous," Lynch said. "So people that want to keep tabs on me and follow my every move, that's not something that I'm into. ... Sometimes it might get a little bit out of hand with certain people. I understand the fact that they don't see athletes that often, and people that's in my position ... but at the end of the day, we get up in the morning and sh**, shower and shave the same way everybody else do.

"That's my perspective on it."

"Sh**, shower and shave"; that could be the sequel to "all about that action, Boss," as Lynch's second, signature line.

Here's another of Lynch's perspectives, on growing up in urban Oakland, Calif., and attending Oakland Tech High School before starring for the University of California in Berkeley, three miles from his high school.

"Most of the people told me growing up that I'd be dead or in jail by the age of 18," Lynch said. "And I started to see that happening. You know, I've got folks, I've got some of my closest friends growing up that didn't make 18. Then I got home boys in jail, like, right now, that (have) been in since they were 16. I actually have seen this happening. And this is something I wanted to change in my neighborhood."

Lynch spoke earlier this month at his locker in Renton in this story I wrote about the work his does with his Fam 1st Family Foundation, which he began back in Oakland with 49ers backup quarterback Josh Johnson in March of 2011. He mentioned it again yesterday talking on "The Barbershop" radio show.

"I mean, I just feel like if I can be able to just touch one kid," Lynch said, "every time I go to a place and one kid accepts on something that I am telling them to try to help them through life, I feel like that's a win for me."

--Also in today's News Tribune, columnist Dave Boling has his assessment of Seahawks that have stood out to him in the first three games. For instance, who'd have thunk Ricardo Lockette would lead the team in touchdown catches so far, with two?

We've talked on here last month about why Lockette is so valuable to the Seahawks coaches. What has changed since then is the former undrafted free agent in his second stint with the eam has earned more opportunities in the offense, beyond being a zooming special-teams ace opponents can't seem to stay with while trying in vain to block him on kickoffs and punts. Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell now has a package of plays specifically designed for Lockette, including fly sweeps and read-option passes. On Sunday against Denver, Lockette simply ran past cornerback Aqib Talib down the right sideline for a 39-yard touchdown pass, a Division-II wide receiver from Fort Valley State in Georgia beating the Broncos' big-bucks free-agent signing of the offseason.

And the best play of Sunday's game might have been Lockette committing an offensive pass-interference foul to prevent an interception that likely would have been a Broncos return for a touchdown in the first half -- though it appeared Lockette ran the wrong route too far outside to create the jam.

--Here are the official NFL snaps counts for each Seahawks player against Denver. Notice the offense ran almost twice as many plays against the Broncos as the 40 plays it got in San Diego. That's what happens when the Seattle defense goes from allowing conversion of 10 of 17 third downs by the Chargers to just six of 16 by Denver.

Also notice that Marcus Burley and (when Burley got knocked into this bye week on Sunday by Chancellor as both went after an incomplete pass in the fourth quarter) Josh Thomas combined for 48 of the 72 snaps the Seahawks defense had against the Broncos. So Seattle was in nickel with five defensive backs and two linebackers 67 percent of the time Sunday.

OFFENSE out of 78 plays    SPECIAL TEAMS out of 32 snaps

Sweezy             78                       10

Carpenter        78                        5

Britt                  78                        5

Unger               78                        1

Okung               74                       4

R. Wilson         78

Miller                71                       5

Baldwin            68                     13

Kearse               63                     16

Lynch                 57

Harvin               52                      5

Willson              19                     17

Coleman            14                     24

Walters              14                     11

Turbin                14

Richardson        10

Lockette             8                       10

Bailey                 4                        5

DEFENSE out of 72 snaps

Sherman           72                      7

Chancellor        72                      7

Maxwell            72                      6

Wright               70                     6

Wagner             70                      6

Thomas             67                      4

Bennett             56                      2

Avril                   54                      2

Burley                42                     11

Schofield           41

Williams            38                     2

Mebane             33

Smith                 28                    18

McDaniel          24                     2

Hill                     21

Marsh                20                     5

JThomas            6                      11

Johnson             5                      19

Shead                                          25

Coyle                                           25

Morgan                                       15

Ryan                                            12

Gresham                                     11

Hauschka                                   10

Pierre-Louis                               9

Schilling                                      5

Helfet                                          5