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Seahawks atop TNT 32; Seattle's next foe ranked 30th

As long as it's not 249 degrees and Philip Rivers isn't spinnin' it to Antonio Gates, the Seahawks are the class of the NFL.

That's the result of Seattle's win last week against Denver, which the Seahawks controlled for most of the first 59 minutes before Peyton Manning became Peyton Manning again to force overtime. Going 80 yards in 43 seconds with no time outs for a touchdown and the tying two-point conversion on the Super Bowl champions' home field will go down as one of Manning's more impressive feats of a career full of them.

As the Seahawks enjoy day four of their six-day bye-week hiatus before they return to Renton Monday to practice for the Oct. 6 game at Washington (which looked a tad less than splendid last night, eh?), here is The News Tribune's TNT 32 for Week 4:

1. Seattle Seahawks (2): Back to normal: Defense throttled Manning -- for 59 minutes. Now have a top-rated QB, too.

2. Denver Broncos (1): Mile High belief: If only Manning had called “heads.” And if only the league’s OT rules were different.

3. Cincinnati Bengals (4): Off to best start in eight years. Dump-trucking teams so far despite a load of injuries.

4. Philadelphia Eagles (6): Not even a cheap shot on QB Nick Foles slows offense. Now only if the Chip Kellys could play defense. Desperate Niners next.

5. Arizona Cardinals (12): Bye-week considerations: Stanton or Palmer at QB?; can we take division from Seattle?

6. San Diego Chargers (7): Philip Rivers completing 68 percent of passes, so Seattle’s isn’t the only D he’s been shredding.

7. New England Patriots (5): How do you drop two spots by winning? By beating OAK 16-9 at home. O-line getting Brady banged.

8. Atlanta Falcons (11): Matt Ryan has NFL’s top-ranked offense. But defenders (387 ypg allowed) have been dirty birds.

9. Indianapolis Colts (14): Seems everyone back to Bert Jones has an opinion: Who is the better QB, Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson?

10. Chicago Bears (16): Air Trestman: Jay Cutler has eight TD passes in three games, second only to Luck.

11. Detroit Lions (22): Heck with Stafford. Defense ransacked Rodgers and Green Bay even more than Seattle’s did.

12. Green Bay Packers (3): Best two-loss team in the league. Just three weeks into season. that’s not a compliment.

13. New Orleans Saints (19): Only a matter of time – and defense – before Brees has them rolling.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers (28): Back to their roots: Running game, defense crushed CAR, an 2013 NFC playoff team, on its home field.

15. Buffalo Bills (9): Have allowed 52 points in three games, far better than recent Bills defenses. Only loss: San Diego.

16. Houston Texans (15): What’s all-everything defensive end J.J. Watt going to do next? Throw passes?

17. Baltimore Ravens: Trying, desperately, to get back to being noticed for their football.

18. Carolina Panthers (8): Did getting rolled by the Steelers expose their truer selves?

19. San Francisco 49ers (10): Now it’s Harbaugh-to-Michigan rumors. What’s next for Team Headache, a new zillion-dollar stadium with a 10-cent field?

20. Dallas Cowboys (27): Down 21 in the first half at STL, Tony Romo’s rally gets the heat off him – for 10 minutes.

21. Cleveland Browns (18): Three games decided by a total of seven points. Everything to do with Brian Hoyer. Nothing to do with Johnny Manziel.

22. Kansas City Chiefs (24): Walloped Dolphins in Miami. Once they get through early injuries, will make noise.

23. New York Jets (13): Monday night dud vs. Bears didn’t do much in this team’s constant quest to steal NYC thunder from Giants.

24. Tennessee Titans (17): Wrecked at Cincy in more ways than one: Jake Locker’s hurt yet again.

25. Miami Dolphins (21): Schitzo: How can the same team that beats NE by two TDs then lose by 19 points each to BUF, KC?

26. New York Giants (30): Hey, where did Thursday’s runaway performance at Washington come from? The Bill Parcells Collection?

27. Minnesota Vikings (23): RB Adrian Petersen rightly suspended. QB Matt Cassel out for the year. A fine mess for rookie Teddy Bridgewater.

28. St. Louis Rams (26): Third-string QB Austin Davis isn’t doing half bad. But this season is up to their defense.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (29): Out-scored – make that, torched -- 119-27 since having 17-0 lead at Eagles in the first half of opener.

30. Washington Redskins (30): Still think Kirk Cousins will be better for this team than RGIII?

31. Oakland Raiders (31): Londoners get to see in person what Americans already know: This team is a bloody mess.

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (32): Would they finish higher than last in the Pac-12 North?