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Kam Chancellor takes the "Mars Blackmon" cure to play through bone spurs in both ankles: "No concerns at all"

Basically, the old Spike Lee-Michael Jordan skit is Kam Chancellor's new cure for painful bone spurs in both ankles.

"Money, it's got to be the shoes!"

The Seahawks' thudding safety said a change from the low-cut shoes he'd worn for years to higher-top, mid-cut cleats, plus new inserts into the soles of those new shoes, are what likely has saved him from double-ankle surgery to repair painful bone spurs -- and thus have saved much of his 2014 season for Seattle.

"It's the shoes," Chancellor said today following another pain-free practice in Renton. "The shoes, the soles, the inserts ... It must be the high tops, man. Because I was playing in low tops before. Now I switched to the more mid tops. It's more support. They've given me better support on the ankles."

Coach Pete Carroll said last week that Chancellor's ankles were "on fire" during the Seahawks' loss at San Diego on Sept. 14. Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers and tight end Antonio Gates beat Chancellor and others numerous others on routes downfield and for three touchdowns that steamy day.

"It started that Tuesday before that game, they started hurting a little bit," he said. "I didn't want to talk about it, because I'm not a guy who complains about pain. I went along with it. Thought it would be OK by the time game time came around. It wasn't, unfortunately. ... It was stressful playing like that."

Chancellor said that after a day off from practice the Wednesday before the Denver game he tested the ankles in his new shoes on the turf at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center on that Thursday and was relieved if not shocked to be pain free. He also said he's had the spurs since he was playing at Virginia Tech through the fall of 2009, though it didn't begin paining him until the 2012 season, his third in the NFL with Seattle.

Chancellor confirmed a Fox Sports report from last week was true, that he was indeed considering another surgery to remove the spurs before the shoes cured his pain and allowed him to play and star in the Denver game Sept. 21. He's had at least one ankle surgery as a Seahawk, in January 2013 after playing the 2012 season in pain. He also had hip surgery that past offseason.

"We found some ways to get around it. We found better comfort," Chancellor said of the ankle bone spurs.

"No concerns at all."

Asked if the ankles remain an issue he will have to "manage" and play through the rest of this season, starting Monday night at Washington, Chancellor said: "Of course. I manage everything during the season. The way I play, I have to manage my whole body, anyway. It's just managing, getting early treatments in the mornings, getting my massages. It's everything."

Since the 6-foot-5, 255-pound Zach Miller just had surgery last week for bone spurs in his ankles, I asked the 6-3, 232-pound Chancellor if he didn't have an extra pair of his magic shoes to share with the starting tight end, who is now out for at least a few games.

Chancellor laughed at that.

"No, that's two different physiques," Chancellor said. "I don't know if he can support all that weight on the shoes I've got. He's a big guy.

"He's definitely being taken care of. He'll be back soon."