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Post mock game … who plays RT?

The news after practice was that the Seahawks waived/injured second-year right tackle Michael Bowie (shoulder). If he clears waivers, they can bring him back on IR. At the same time, rookie RT Justin Britt injured his left shoulder. Carroll did not seem to believe it was serious. it left veteran Eric Winston going with the 1s almost all day at RT. How good is his signing looking now. Is Schneider clairvoyant?

Carroll comments:

THey got in about 80 plays. He thought the effort across the board was really solid. He thought the communication into the huddle was a little sloppy. The real officials worked the scrimmage and he got a feel about their rulings on cut blocks and hands to the face. He says he believes the PI rules are clearer now. He liked the pressure up front, especially bennett. He liked plays by Walters, Michael and Turbin.

Injured receiver Paul Richardson and defensive end Cassius Marsh should be back Monday.

In some of the big plays: Bennett had two sacks and a tackle for loss. Scruggs sacked Wilson. Hauschka hit three field goal to account for the extent of the scoring. Kevin Smith had a nice catch up the sideline against Richard Sherman. Terrell Parks intercepted a Russell Wilson pass in the end zone. Wilson tried to make a diving catch of the interception himself.