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Pete Carroll: Unfortunate we lost Bowie

When the Seattle Seahawks waived second-year offensive lineman Michael Bowie this weekend, they did it with the intention of bringing him back and placing him on the injured reserve if he cleared waivers. He didn't.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said it was unfortunate they weren't able to keep him, but also mentioned that Bowie had entered camp 20 pounds overweight.

Bowie started eight games on the offensive line last season, including one playoff game. But he required surgery on his shoulder and was expected to miss the next 4-6 months.

Players will less than four years of service time cannot be placed straight on injured reserve during the preseason. In order to be placed on injured reserve, the player has to be waived with an injured designation. At that point, other teams have the ability to claim the player even despite their injured status.

The Seahawks did this with tight end Anthony McCoy last season and were able to retain him. They weren't with Bowie, who was claimed by the Cleveland Browns. The Seahawks would have had to keep Bowie until Aug. 26, when the first round of cuts take place, in order to send Bowie straight to the IR.

The Seahawks signed a pair of lineman, Cory Brandon and Wade Smith, to create more competition at offensive tackle  in Bowie's place.

"There's a big competition going on and there has been since the start of camp," Carroll said. The Seahawks lost right tackle Breno Giacomini to free agency as well as Paul McQuistan. "It's unfortunate we don't get to keep Michael, but we have to keep moving on and keep going here.

Carroll also spoke about Marshawn Lynch's conditioning as he suited up at training camp practice today and what he's seen from Percy Harvin.

Wide receiver Phil Bates left practice with what Carroll said was an illness. Carroll said they plan to bring rookie receiver Kevin Norwood back slowly as he recovers from a foot injury.

Here's the rest of what Carroll had to say:

Did you like what you saw (from B.J. Daniels)?

For the opportunities he’s had, he hasn’t had a lot of chances to get prepared. But he does know the offense, he knows what’s going on and he is a playmaker and he showed that Saturday in the scrimmage.

Do you feel the team is more healthy than at this point last year?

I don’t remember last year at this time as far as our health. But I do know we have some guys coming back. Kam Chancellor came back to practice today, Russell Okung came back to practice, Paul Richardson got back on the field, and we know that there are a number of other guys on the verge of coming back. We are in a pretty good health situation as you look ahead for the next couple weeks if everybody returns well and right.

We are doing fine. We are in pretty good shape. Our guys had a fantastic offseason. They came to camp in great shape and we are hoping to be fast and ready to go Thursday night.

Speaking of Kam being back, Jeron has had a lot of opportunities with him being out. What have you seen out of Jeron?

He’s fit in beautifully back there. ­­He’s a great communicator back there now. He can take charge, make the calls, works with Earl (Thomas) really well. He’s been in the rotation for a couple years now so there’s nothing new for him, but he’s handled it really well. WE feel like the system has allowed him to flourish and play really well. He’s done a great job.

Anything new on Kevin Norwood and his foot?

He looks like, we are waiting for more information. We are going to take our time with him. He’s not going to come back right away. It’s going to be a bit.

Thoughts on Michael Bowie’s loss and managing players at tackle?

There’s a big competition going on and there has been since the start of camp. It’s unfortunate that we don’t get to keep Michael, but we have to keep moving and keep going here. This is a very competitive situation with (Justin) Britt and (Eric) Winston and I think Alvin Bailey will be mixed into it, too, eventually. So it’s a really good spot for us in that we do have depth and we have competition but unfortunately Mike wasn’t able to stay with us.

So Alvin Bailey could get into the competition for that spot?

Absolutely. He’s played guard a little bit, too, so he’s really valuable in that regard.

Did you feel you just couldn’t hold on to the roster spot for a few weeks with Bowie?

That’s the decision that we made. He came in 20 pounds overweight, too.

Any idea on Phil Bates and what he left with today?

He was wasn’t feeling well today. Under the weather.

How would you assess Marshawn’s conditioning?

We are going to take our time with him. We’ve always been very patient with him, making sure his body is in great shape and also we are just going to bring him along. He missed a lot of offseason with us. He did work very hard; he had a very diligent routine and regiment that he went through, but it’s still football shape he has to get in. Our guys are in shape year round. They are in shape. But we have to get them in football shape and that takes some time. These other guys are a long ways ahead of him as far as working through all the OTAs and mini camps and all that. WE are going to be patient with it.

Are there intangibles with having Kevin Williams here?

Kevin is a guy who really does bring intangibles. He’s a great competitor, he’s a fantastic leader, has been great guy in their locker room for years. Everybody speaks so highly of him. He’s got tremendous character. That kind of wisdom you bring to your club is always beneficial. He’s a fantastic guy, decided to come here even though he had other places, he wanted to come here. We think he is a great addition. I think he is going to be in the mix to play on a regular basis for us. We are really pleased about that.

Are Wagner and Carpenter close to getting back for you?

Carp more than Wags. Wags thing is going to take a little longer. Carpenter we have a chance to get back in the next couple days. So we are hoping to see that.

Are you looking forward to seeing how pass interference is called?

I think we know. WE had a really good session with the officials and they have done a great job of clarifying what they are going to call. I think we know that. We just have to do a good job of playing within the rules.

Each of the new offensive linemen that are here, can you talk about them?

Wade Smith and Cory Brandon who are here, can bring us something. We want to continue to work to make this position as competitive as possible. We have a lot of young guys in that spot. These guys, Wade in particular, brings a lot of experience and tremendous flexibility. He has started at five spots. That kind of flexibility might fit with us. A really good guy, smart guy, I think that helps us kind of as we try to mold this thing together.

Does it feel like game week?

Oh yeah, it definitely feels like game week. It’s coming quick, Thursday night. It’s going to be fun. It’s a great opportunity to play an incredible football team. They are a tremendous team and they have some great additions to their team I know they are very excited about. We are anxious to see what they look like, too, knowing we are going to see them in the season. So it’s a really cool matchup. I’m sure there will be a lot of people interested in it.

What happened to Dion Bailey?

He sprained his ankle. Pretty good ankle sprain.

This week’s schedule?

This is competition Monday. Turnover Thursday is on Tuesday. That means Wednesday we are going be .. uh.. uh. Repeat Friday. So if you can figure that out, let me know.

The Broncos have made defensive additions with T.J. Ward, Ware and Talib. Have you seen teams respond a little bit to the blueprint you guys have created?

I don’t know anything about that. We have unique personnel and we try to use them in unique ways based on what they can do. That’s always the way we have looked at it. I don’t know how that affects anybody else though.

How happy are you with where Percy is at?

It’s been really fun to see him. He’s an incredible football player, he’s a great competitor and he shows that every day on the practice field. We are trying to figure this out with these short weeks how to monitor him just right. He’ll practice in kind of a rotation fashion in these next couple weeks. His playmaking ability and his extraordinary speed shows up daily and it’s really good for Russell Wilson to work with him and figure him out because he is that different from other guys.

I think we’ve known the person he is, we just needed the reps and the turns and get him the opportunity to dig in with the offense. There is a lot of stuff that goes on. A lot of intricacies. It takes time. Hopefully we’ve had that continuity throughout the offseason and it should pay off for us, should help us.

What’s the likelihood Malcolm Smith plays Thursday?

Not likely that he will play. Not one of the traditional categories, not likely, but we’ll call it not likely.