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Quick post-practice bits

Safety Dion Bailey (ankle) was waived-injured. They brought on cornerback Trey Wolfe, who was with them during the rookie minicamp.

Chancellor and Okung were suited up for the first time but didn't see team action. Carpenter was back, too. All those guys will be eased back. Norwood was absent. While nursing a sore foot, he's usually been around on the sidelines. Didn't see him at all today.

Tony McDaniel rested today, which caused them to kick Scruggs down to 3 and bring Kevin Williams up as 5.

KJ Wright had a whopper of a day, picking off two passes -- one in team drills. Here's a guy who is going to be looking for a pay day.

Paul Richardson had another big day with a couple nice catches, one for a TD after blowing past the new guy, Wolfe.

In pass-pro drills, Caylin Hauptmann had another good day, doing great against Mebane (really) and D'Anthony Smith. In Carpenter's absence, Hauptmann has put together a really good camp. He looks like a short 6-3, but has stood in there strong in most cases. I'd consider him one of the surprises of camp. They've brought in a number of vets for experience, but this guy has looked as good as anybody..