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Broncos 21, Seahawks 16: Postgame reaction thread

The Seahawks lost to the Broncos on Thursday, 21-16, in Denver.

This time, however, the stakes weren't quite as high.

It was the first exhibition game of the season for the Super Bowl combatants, and although the outcome was vastly different than the 43-8 drubbing Seattle put on Denver in February, it was only preseason.

There was a bevy of flags, nearly an hour delay, and a ton of mistakes. Just what you might expect from the first tuneup of the season.

A few questions:

1. What's your overall take from the performance?

2. Which player from the bottom of the depth chart stood out the brightest?

3. Which player was the most disappointing?

4. What do you hope to see improved upon the most by next week?

5. How much can you take away from a game like this?