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Raiders 41, Seahawks 31: Postgame reaction blog

Well, well. What have we here?

The Seattle Seahawks finished the exhibition season Thursday night with an ugly, 41-31, loss to the Raiders in Oakland.

Don't let the final score fool you, either, it wasn't that close.

The Seahawks offense looked great for the one series Russell Wilson captained at quarterback, opening the scoring with a four-play, 80-yard drive that culminated with a 25-yard strike to tight end Luke Willson.

After that, Oakland flexed its offensive might (did I really just write that?).

Rookie QB Derek Carr had a field day against Seattle’s No. 1 and No. 2 defense, completing 11 of 13 passes for 143 yards, three touchdowns and a 152.1 QB rating. The Raiders led 35-14 when Carr exited early in the second quarter.

Tarvaris Jackson had trouble putting together a drive, and Terrelle Pryor was inconsistent but did lead a nice 2-minute drill to cap the first half with a TD.

But what does it all mean? You tell us:

1. Are you worried at all by the lack of defense to start or was it just a preseason hiccup?

2. What to do with Pryor? Keep him and Jackson? Over T-Jax? Or not at all?

3. Which player do you hope makes the cut the most? Which would you like to see let go?

4. What has this preseason taught us about the Seahawks, if anything at all?

5. One week away from the opener, are you ready to make a prediction? For the game? The season?