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Seahawks' Bobby Wagner stirs the pot ... a little ... by saying Broncos were scared

As if the Seahawks-Broncos games this year needed any more build up, there was this from Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner on ESPN's "First Take":

The Broncos were intimidated from the start by the Seahawks' defense in the Super Bowl.

Bulletin board material? Hardly.

Obvious by the game's score? Undoubtedly.

Anyway, Wagner visited with co-host Stephen A. Smith, who asked him if he thought the Broncos' offense was intimidated.

Wagner's response: "You're not wrong," Wagner said on ESPN. "They looked scared out there. Nobody wanted to catch the ball. Nobody wanted to come up the middle."

Wagner said he thought Kam Chancellor's hit on receiver Demarvius Thomason in the first quarter was a factor.

"If you look at the previous games, [the Broncos] got a lot of balls across the middle," Wagner said. "That first hit [by Chancellor] came across the middle and smacked him.

"You didn't really see too many balls caught across the middle [after that play]. They were very timid. That says a lot about our defense."

This is the kind of stuff that qualifies as "interesting" at this point in the season, when most teams are enjoying the last few days off before training camp. The Seahawks, given their status as defending Super Bowl champions, can get used to making "news" ... and I put that in quotes ... just about anytime a player says anything.

Such is life when you blow out the NFL's best offense 43-8 in a game that wasn't as close as the score would indicate.

And really, does it matter? It's not like the Broncos aren't looking forward to the two games vs. Seattle this year (Denver and Seattle meet in the exhibition season on Aug. 7 and then again, when it counts, in Seattle, on Sept. 21.)