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Harvin: 'This is the best I’ve felt in a long, long time'

Here's what Percy Harvin had to say today:

(On if he’s feeling like he’s back to the old version of himself) Oh man, it’s immensely good. The trainers today were saying last year this time I was in there consulting with a whole bunch of doctors looking through the mirror and hearing all the music and seeing all of the fans and wanting to be out here so bad. So this year, being able to get my foundation back and go through the whole off season with no problems, OTA’s, minicamp, and then to this camp. As long as I keep practicing and building my foundation, I’ll be fine.

(On last time he’d say he was fully healthy) It’s been a while. But I don’t know if any football player can say they’re fully healthy playing football, but this is the best I’ve felt in a long, long time. I’m just going to keep building, building, building and I’m looking forward to the season.

(On changing from being hunters to the hunted this season after winning the Super Bowl) We really don’t see it that way. We feel hunted but we take each game as a championship game. I think that’s what’s so unique about being around this place. Coach Carroll and Coach [Kippy Brown] they do a great job at putting the task right in front of our hands. It’s not about today or tomorrow or the future. When tomorrow comes, worry about tomorrow. We’re hindsight on what’s in front of us.

(On the receiving group) Hats off to the whole organization, this whole scouting department and Coach Carroll for a couple years they’ve been drafting this roster to get it to where it’s set today. There’s players in each group whether its linebackers, DB’s, receivers, running backs, they’re all different and that’s what makes this team very dangerous.

(On if he was surprised Sidney Rice retired) We’re close friends. I have been visiting with him the past two weeks and he just had a lot of wear and tear on his body. He set up a lot of things to where he didn’t want his quality of life to be how it is and he made a man’s decision and we fully support him.

(On Marshawn Lynch not being here) Well we’re fine. We know Beast Mode, it’s a business and he has things he’s going to get worked out and until then we’re going to keep working. He’s the engine that gets this thing going so we’re going to need him out here to piece this thing all together so until then we can hope he gets this thing worked out and we can only work as we do.

(On if he was motivated this offseason by not getting to play a full season last year in the Super Bowl year) Oh yeah, oh yeah. Definitely. Not even last year…I didn’t finish the season before then with Minnesota and my ankle injury. So I’m looking forward to putting everything together and being the monster I know I can be so everything is going good so far and hopefully it stays that way.

(On where his confidence level is after the past few years) It’s tremendously high right now. After doing some things that I haven’t able to do in a while, just getting my whole hip back strong, I got a lot motion that I haven’t had in a while so my feeling tremendously confident and I know I’ll put it together.

(On if he’s made changes to his training regimen or diet) From diet, keeping my weight at a good spot, I change my whole regimen.

(On where his weight is right now) It’s around 195 to 200.

(On his weight last year) I couldn’t exactly tell you. I just went from top to bottom and we figured out everything. I was constantly with the nutritionist, the weight staff this year, and everything is in tune.

(On Russell Wilson from last year to this year) Definitely, Russ is a perfectionist. He is already a great player, he’s just trying to perfect it. Whether it’s getting his reads faster at the line to be able to get us to the line quicker and hike the ball or looking off guys. He has his own thing he’s working at but definitely he’s a technician, he’s a perfectionist. He’s in that building constantly, OTA’s he’s working on different things so I’m definitely looking forward to being out on that field with him.