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Wilson: ' It doesn’t really feel different than a year ago'

Here's what Russell Wilson had to say Saturday:

(On Phil Bates’ pass) Bates’ pass was on the money. He used to play quarterback. I think we had an unbelievable practice today. I thought our focus on the offensive side of the ball was unmatchable and the defense did a tremendous job today too. Just so clean and so crisp, that’s how we want to be every time we step on the field.

(On Christine Michael and Robert Turbin) Robert Turbin and Christine Michael are doing a tremendous job. You know obviously Robert’s my roommate when we travel on the road, so me and him have a very good connection. Just in terms of talking and thinking on the field. He’s a guy that’s just a work-horse, on and off the field he’s mentally strong. He’s a guy that’s always going to put his best foot forward, always run the ball into the end zone every time. You just got to love that about him. He can catch extremely well, pass protection is great. Christine Michael is a guy that he’s very, very quick and hard to get. He’s low to the ground. He’s got the ability to shift in and out. Both of those guys are going to be tremendous backs for us and obviously we want Marshawn to come back, we love the guy to death and all the things that he does. We have tons of respect for how Marshawn plays. But at the same time, Robert Turbin and Christine Michael will be ready to go, that’s for sure. The way they practice is unmatchable.

(On if this team is better now than it was at this point last year) I definitely believe we’re better than a year ago. I think that the receivers, tight ends, and running backs are extremely good right now. They’re catching the ball so well and everybody’s just on the same page. I think that we’re more and more controll I take in terms of how we practice how the tempo--that’s what I really try to focus on is the tempo. The focus. Just in the detail and really harp on that. The guys are really quick and it looks so good right now as it’s only the second practice so we just have to keep going. Every day has to be a championship day for us and that’s got to be our goal.

(On the buzz around the team this year and if it feels different than last year) It doesn’t really feel different than a year ago. I know that we’re champions and we know how to do it. But at the end of the day, it’s a new year. It’s a new beginning. I think the difference is everybody has felt winning before and they know how to get there, they know what it feels like to win, know what it feels like to excel so our goal is to get back there again. And how do we do that? And how we do that is by our work ethic, our mindset, by the way we practice every day, on and off the field, what we do. That’s got to be our goal, got to be our central focus, and how we can elevate our game to the highest level possible.

(On if he gets excited when he looks at all the receivers they have now and having the ability to air it out) I get excited every time I go in the huddle. Just thinking about the guys we have that are starting: Doug Baldwin, Percy Harvin, Jermaine Kearse, Paul Richardson, Ricardo Lockette. When you think about the guys who are fighting as well, Bryan Walters made some great plays today; Phillip Bates looked extremely good today. There’s so many guys that I could name; I probably wouldn’t have enough time. But all those guy, every time I step into the huddle there’s no fear. Does this guy know this, does this guy know that, is he getting in and out of his break right? It’s a really good thing that almost every guy looks the same. That’s a really good thing when everyone understands when to whip their head around, when to adjust their route and when not to. So we’re doing a real good job, I think you’ve got to give credit to Coach Bevell our Offensive Coordinator, give credit to Kippy Brown our Wide Receiver coach who is really harping on those guys making sure they’re ready to go.

(On wanting to air it out more) I want to win. Whatever it takes at the end of the day. I want to win another Super Bowl obviously, so to do that, we’ll do whatever it takes. I’m excited about it and I believe we’re definitely more explosive this year in terms of the talent that we have on the flank, how those guys are really picking up. We have to have some of the fastest receivers. Watching guys catch the ball and get going, it’s really impressive.

(On Kevin Norwood’s skills) Kevin Norwood’s got pure hands, man. That guy caught some balls yesterday that were just ridiculous catches. At Alabama, he was a great possession receiver, a guy who on third down, would make a great catch for you when you need it; contested balls. That’s what showed up on his college film--that’s what has shown up on his pro film as well--his ability to go an attack the football.

(On Sidney Rice’s retirement) Obviously, losing Sidney and him moving on with his career, it’s a disappointment for us because he’s so talented. He’s such a mature guy. He’s such a great professional. But at the same time, we’re so happy for him because he can move on. He’s a guy that everybody on this team loves--I love to death. I just miss throwing the ball to him in warm-ups. Just that simple fact of how great he was. How he was always wanting the football. How he’d always do whatever you’d ask; whatever you needed. But at the end of the day, the other guys are stepping up and looking tremendous right now. To have a tall receiver like Sidney definitely does help. His catching range unbelievable, but I definitely believe Jermaine Kearse is going to be able to replace that, I think for sure, and be able to make that step. Ricardo Lockette looks good in terms of that long body look. Paul Richardson’s got some good catching abilities. Same as Norwood. All of those guys. So I’m excited about the receiving core. They’re probably so far, out of OTAs and camp so far, they’ve been our strength I think.

(On the changes that they’ve had to make without Marshawn Lynch) I don’t think we’ve had to change anything. I think Robert Turbin’s definitely going to be able to run the ball very, very effectively. He’s shown it so far in the league his first two years. You think about last year-- how many huge runs he had last year and some of them got called back. So hopefully we can get rid of some of those couple of penalties and keep having those big runs. But I believe and I hope that Marshawn will come back. He’s a great football player. He’s a guy that you love having in the locker room and what he does on the football field is truly special.

(On how he feels now as a quarterback after having the off season) The things that I’ve been working on more than anything is just my patience. My foundation, in terms of my balance in the pocket; just staying strong in there. Really working on my protection calls, and really just trying to be solid there. And just delivering a great ball every time. I call my motto, I told some of the receivers this off season throwing with them is it’s not that I can’t miss, it’s that I won’t miss, and that’s just got to be my mentality all the time. And just keep believing in every throw; keep believing in every situation.

(On talking to Marshawn) Yeah, I definitely talked to him some. He’s one of those guys who just--he wants to play. He loves playing. I don’t really know much to say really, to be honest with you. I hope that he comes back. He’s a great football player and he can do so many great things for us. We love him in the locker room. We love him on game day. We love him on practice day. So we definitely want him back.

(On James Carpenter’s transformation) Yah, James Carpenter. His body looks really good. He’s strong. He’s feeling fast. Watching his foot work is pretty cool to watch. Seeing a guy, however many pounds he is--330 or whatever he is--to be able to move that way. But in terms of his knowledge of the game, he just continues to improve and get better. So that’s the exciting part. I think our offensive line is looking very, very good right now. We always have room to improve and that’s every position; not just them. It’s every position. And that’s me making sure I get the guys in the right calls and all of that as well and to really give us a really good chance.

(On the his and Earl’s race to see who leaves the building last) Yes, it is always a race between Earl and I. Trying to figure out who leaves first and who leaves last. I think who gets here first. But I think Earl and I’s connection is really, really good right now. Some of the things- we’re trying to make sure we hang out off the field, always talk about football, always talk about life, talk about just trying to be legendary in some way, and so that’s kind of what we talk about all the time. We went to Children’s Hospital today, just kind of doing certain things together, where we can be around each other because I really feel like you feed off one another. We both want to be great players. We want to be great human beings. We want to be great leaders. So I think to be around each other is a really good thing. We watch a ton of film together and all of that.