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Carroll: 'Every snap counts out here'

Here's what Pete Carroll had to say Sunday:

(On what happened to Christine Michael today ) He just banged his shoulder a little bit. They think he will be ready to go on Tuesday.

(On Kevin Norwood’s injury) He’s had a foot that was sore back in the OTAs and he came back on the first day and felt it again so were going to rest him until Tuesday and see how he does coming back. He had an old surgery in school and we’ve checked it all out. There are no big problems with it but he does have a sore foot so we’re resting him.

(On Jimmy Staten’s injury) Jimmy hyper-extended his knee a little bit and it actually pulled his hamstring pretty good. Pretty legitimate hamstring pull yesterday so he’s going to be out for a little bit.

(On what Coach Carroll can take away from the first day with pads) Hamstrings and ankles. Well it’s great to get out there and see some football, you know. It’s a long haul before you get back to this time. I can’t wait to see the film, see the new guys most of all. It looked pretty good. Offense did a nice job today. They did a nice job coming off the ball. I think the defense was a little tentative to first go out and try to feel the tempo and offense took advantage of that.

(On the experience of the new guys) Every snap counts out here. In every one, there is something that we’ll draw from. Really, the new guys need to know that they’re in the NFL. They’re going against real live NFL football players, and see what that’s all about - see how they react, and then we’ll grow. This is just the first mark and a lot will change from this point but it’s a great start for us.

(On what Coach Carroll has taken from the past three days) We came out humming. We really were practicing fast. So the most important thing that we do is we capture the tempo and the intensity of it and we’ve done that. It feels like a normal practice like we always do. And so that’s a good early indicator. For the most part, we’re in good shape. After three days here, we’re taking a day off right away to make sure we don’t overload the guys right as we start camp, so we can maintain a really high tempo throughout. So everything went great for the first three days.

(On the preparation of Russell Okung) We talked about it last time. He’s probably two weeks of work so that we’re really sure that he’s going to be ready to roll. We’ll know more as we press him more. He’s in good shape. He’s getting a lot of work done in the walk through periods. He’s doing all the first team walk-through stuff, so his learning part of it is up to date, but we’re just going to be real careful while we have all this time.

(On Greg Scruggs) He’s come back really in great shape. He’s bigger and stronger than ever. He’s taken great advantage of the off season program with Coach Carlisle and the guys. He’s out there battling so he’s right in there fighting for playing time. He’s doing a good job.

(On Greg Scruggs’ versatility) Well we really cherish the guys who can do more than one thing and we love to have the flexibility. He can play the inside and outside so we’re going to use him doing all of that and just see how it goes. Right now, it’s just accumulating information, and just seeing how we’re going to figure it out. There’s a number of guys that have versatility. We’re real happy with Cassius Marsh who’s really shown these first three days that he has a variety of things we think he can help us with. So it’s going to take us a while to sort that out and figure out who we’re going to go with.

(On DeShawn Shead’s flexibility) Yeah. He’s done a great job for us. We know that he can play corner. We’ve been training him as a safety for some time now. What D. Shead did last year was really established himself as a special teams force. He’s a really good player for us in teams. So it’s so helpful that he can--right now in practice, he’ll go back and forth whenever we need him to so that’s a big deal and very few guys can do that.

(On the competition at right tackle so far) Well unfortunately, Michael Bowie tweaked his shoulder right off the bat, so we don’t have a barometer on that-as far as he’s concerned because Michael was right in the middle of the thing. But Justin Britt has done a very, very good job. What we’re thrilled to see in Justin is he’s got a great approach. He’s tough, he’s smart, he’s diligent, he’s flexible enough that it looks like he can learn and do the things that we want to do. He’s been very sharp in the run game and he’s working on his pass protection stuff. He’s working against Cliff Avril everyday so he’s getting great work there. So he’s kind of taken command of the opportunity right now because Michael hasn’t been there so there’s not a whole lot of competition going on right now for that spot.

(On Percy Harvin being out yesterday) Yes. He’s going through all the rest of the day. Got all of the walk through stuff and everything. We want to just work our way into camp and the mode and make sure we don’t overload them early. We’re trying to figure out what kind of a work load he can handle. He worked so hard and so fast at practice that we think we can do this for a while. We’ll see how it goes and we’ll learn as we go.

(On Jesse Williams sitting out yesterday) No, no. We just rested him. We’re taking care of Jesse. Jesse’s coming back from a knee situation that we thought would warrant not overloading him back to back days right off the bat, just so we’ll see what he can do. I didn’t catch much of him today. But he had a great first day and he looked fantastic. He’s lost 15 pounds. He’s really looking good, lean, and fast. So we’re really encouraged by Jesse. So we’ll just try to monitor it as we go through it to make sure we don’t overload him.

(On Demitrius Bronson’s rookie camp) Yes. He’s done fine. Yeah, everything he’s done, he’s done well. He’s a tough kid. He’s shown really good instincts about running the football, good strong guy, and good enough speed to pop into the secondary. So we’ll see. We’ll just get some good information in on him.

(On ESPN coming in on Tuesday) They’ve been asking about it for quite some time, and we thought it would be okay. I’m not worried about them disrupting us at all and I don’t mind contributing to what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to show a little bit more of an inside look in to what goes on in camp and practices, really from the football side of things; not from the entertainment side of things like some of the other shows will do. So hopefully it’ll work out well. I’m anxious to see how it works together. I love working with Jon [Gruden]. He’s a great guy to work with so we’ll do everything we can to give them the opportunities and see if we can put together some good information for them.