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Darrell Bevell: 'We are talking about the best defense in the NFL'

Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darell Bevell took the podium after Seahawks training camp practice today and spoke about the battles between his offense and the Seahawks defense, led by defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

"We have to really be on our stuff," Bevell said. "We are talking about the best defense in the NFL and they have proved that."

The Seahawks offense had some success against it Wednesday, with Percy Harvin catching a couple TD passes, as well as a toe-dragging catch from Bryan Walters in the right corner of the end zone from Russell Wilson.

Bevell also talked about the loss of Anthony McCoy in Tuesday's practice and how the team will, again, have to respond to his loss after he missed all of last season.

How good is it to work against this defense? What goes into it?

A lot goes into it. We have to really be on our stuff. We are talking about the best defense in the NFL and they have proved that. Every position there is a competition going on, whether that is against Sherm and Earl (Thomas) and (Brandon) Mebane, every position there is a really strong position. It makes our guys better each and every day we come out here. It gives us an opportunity to compete and they are competing against the best players.

All the sudden you have one of your rookies step in there and he is going up against (Byron) Maxwell or Sherman or Earl (Thomas) and you are going to get a good feel for them really early.

Sounds like there is a big of a chess match that goes on between you and Dan (Quinn) on occasion?

We are trying to win. We have a very strong defense and our offense has been solid, it has held its own but we want to continue to improve and get better and we want to be able to put ourselves up against those guys. Whatever we need to do to win, we’ll do it.

How balanced are your receivers when you get down to 7-8-9?

It’s  a deep group. We have a lot of different styles of guys, we have the big and tall, we have the short and quick, it’s great to see them out here each and every day competing and let that back end of the roster sort of sort itself out. There are a lot of guys to choose from and a lot of guys we really like. And we will just let it go and see how it comes out.

What did you think of the injury to Anthony (McCoy) yesterday and who do you see behind him stepping up?

It’s a big blow for him. We feel horrible for him. He does such a great job of working his way back. It was a long way back from where he was last year and he worked hard to get back. And to be able to get back on the field, he worked harder than anyone to do that. So you know, we feel horrible for him. But the thing is, we have to move on. We had guys wo stepped up last year, a guy like Luke Willson, who really had a good year and he has to improve. Now it gives guys like Cooper (Helfet) ( and RaShaun (Allen) opportunities.

What do you see in Terrelle Pryor?

I see a guy who has really put the work in. He has done a great job of learning our system. We are kind of doing some things with the position. Obviously, Russell (Wilson) is the guy, we are kind of giving them opportunities to be 2s one day and kind of moving them around and keeping them on their toes a little bit. He probably had his best day yesterday and he was getting the ball out quick. Putting the time in to learn it has probably been the best thing he’s done and every time he comes out here he improves a little bit.

Marshawn Lynch is a good pass protector. What do the guys here have to learn about that part of the game?

That’s a huge part of the game, being able to protect the quarterback. Marshawn does a great job for us, he has a complete understanding of that. I think our guys understand it. They kind of know who to go to and who they are supposed to block but they have to do their job when they get there. The physicality that it takes to be able to protect him, the strain and the effort and the finish they need to be able to keep that guy away from the quarterback.

Have you spoken with Terrelle Pryor about doing anything else within the offense (Catching balls, running)?

Right now he’s playing quarterback and he’s doing a nice job of it.