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Nothing specific on Jesse Williams' knee injury

The Seahawks put out word that the injury to Jesse Williams was to a knee, as we reported after practice. Sometimes injury reports are intentionally vague, or they're awaiting further medical examination. I tend to respect their judgment on the release of medical information. Since it was during a practice open to the public, I feel comfortable to at least give you the circumstances. Williams was hurt during the one-on-one pass protection/rush session against the offensive line. He had come into camp after missing his rookie season with a knee injury, and looked leaner and quicker than he did when he showed up as a rookie. He had been doing very well in these drills thus far in camp. This time, against C.J. Davis, he appeared to have reached a standoff and was trying to leverage his position when his knee bent awkwardly. He stopped immediately and moved gingerly behind the action. He didn't go down, but walked with obvious trouble. He was taken to the locker room on one of the carts. Sometimes these are minor hyperextensions. With his history of knee troubles, though, we're susceptible to jumping to conclusions. Having been able to resign Tony McDaniel and land free agent Kevin Williams certainly looks good at this point for defensive line depth.