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Russell Wilson quotes Thursday

QB Russell Wilson

July 31, 2014

(On Marines coming to shore) Well that huge helicopter kind of gives it away a little bit. We don’t see that too often around here but just to be around the Marines and how they snuck in on us. They had been kind of going around the stadium for a while. I didn’t even notice they were around so they did a pretty good job of disguising themselves for a while there. But it’s just a great thing to be out here and to be around them and them to share their experiences with us and for us to share our experiences with them.

(On Phillip Bates’ progression the last couple of years) Bates has looked tremendous. He’s done such a good job all off season. I remember last year I had said that Jermaine Kearse was going to be the guy to kind of come out and prove himself because I remember down in Hermosa [California] after my rookie year that he did a tremendous job. Then I had been telling some people that Phillip Bates was going to be that guy this year. He’s just a guy that’s worked so hard. You’ve got to remember Phillip Bates played quarterback for a long time in college so he’s kind of new to the wide receiver position. He’s got great speed, great hands. He’s got paws. I mean I’ve got huge hands, he’s got really big hands as well and he just catches the ball extremely well. He works extremely hard. He loves the game. He’s one of the first guys, last guys to leave. He’s dedicated to his craft and he’s learned a lot. He’s learned a lot from Doug Baldwin. He’s learned a lot from Jermaine Kearse, Percy Harvin. He tries to take a lot of things from everybody else and see how he can improve in his game. He’s a big guy. He’s not Doug. He’s not small, like Doug, you know, sorry Doug. But Doug’s a small but quicker guy. Bates is a lot bigger but he’s worked on his quickness and he’s done a tremendous job of that.

(On how tough it is to hear about Anthony McCoy’s injury) It’s a heartbreaker to hear about Anthony. He’s worked so hard. He’s been one of the guys that’s put his best foot forward every day in the training room, every day in off season here. It’s unfortunate. Sometimes you wonder why it happens to a guy, you know, but at the end of the day hopefully we can encourage him and not discourage him. Hopefully we can always be there for him to lift him up and let him know that we will do whatever it takes to help him get back to playing football again. We know he’s a great player.

(On report that Marshawn Lynch is coming in tomorrow) Did Marshawn fly in on Alaska [Airlines]? What did he fly in on? Oh, he flew in with the Marines. Yeah, hopefully he’s here. I don’t know. You know, he’s such a good football player. We’d love to have him here. He’s done a tremendous job for us since I’ve been here; I know that and set some unbelievable runs for us so we want him out here on the field. Robert Turbin’s doing a tremendous job. You guys saw Robert today. He’s looking very, very good. He’s very physical, very fast. Christine Michael had some great plays today, Spencer Ware. So at the end of the day, the more guys we have the better and obviously to have a guy like Marshawn Lynch, who’s been to four Pro Bowls now that’s a good thing. We definitely want him on our team, that’s for sure.

(On how long it will take Marshawn Lynch to catch up) Marshawn is one of those guys that just has a knack for playing football – you know – he’s just a great football player all the time. He has a great catching ability, he could play receiver probably if he really wanted to, and obviously his rushing ability is very unique and one of a kind. We obviously want him to be back out here, he brings a whole other level of experience, and that’s a good thing. At the same time Robert Turbin, the experience he’s gotten has been unbelievable, for him to step in and play as good as he’s played. Turbin has elevated his game all offseason, he’s worked so hard. He’s probably one of the guys that’s worked harder than anybody else. So it’s a really good thing. The more guys that we can have, the better football players that we can have, a guy like Marshawn Lynch who’s an elite football player, the better off we’ll be.

(On the defense purposely bringing pressure on the non-starters on the offensive line) Well, they’ve done a pretty good job. I think that it’s always a work in progress, we’re still learning. It’s Day 6 of camp I believe, so I think we’re doing a good job of that. It’s been one of our goals to get protected and make sure we do everything we can to give me a little bit more time to make decisions. We got the guys to really get open now; you think about Percy Harvin, you think about Doug Baldwin, you think about Paul Richardson, Jermaine Kearse, Ricardo Lockette, Phillip Bates, Bryan Walters, all those guys. They’re doing a really good job, and any other guys I left out I just don’t have enough time to say it. But we’re looking really good, and I think there’s always room for improvement.

(On improving his pocket presence) I think my pocket presence, my foundation, is being balanced. I think that will continue to elevate my game. I’ve done a pretty good job so far but I think I can get so much better, and that’s the great part about it. Last year was only my second year in the league, my goal is to play and see if I can get to 20, so I got a lot more learning to do. You just take one day at a time; you just enjoy it for what it is. I’m having so much fun out here, probably more fun than I’ve ever had before. I’m just trying to be in the moment every day, be in the moment every snap, be in the moment every rep of pre-game practice and post-practice, and just really work on my craft. If I can do that it will give us a better chance to make all the consistent plays, but also the big time plays when we need it.

(On what he’s seen from himself on film) I think I’m doing a really good job so far in camp. I study myself obviously while watching film, and I play the game in my head. I try to get the ball out quick; I try to be on time with the football. I try to move realistically. Everything I do I try to do with a purpose, and make it very realistic like it’s a game. That mindset of clicking in in practice, and even in pre-game warm-ups, and even when we’re watching late night film afterwards, I’m trying to click into game mode. How can I be there? How can I visualize this situation and feel this situation and be in the moment every time? If I can do that, I give myself a chance.

(On what it would have been like to play with Walter Jones) You think about the Hall of Famer Walter Jones, he’s the best of the best. When everybody talks about offensive linemen they always bring his name up. Just to be in his presence is pretty awesome. His composure – he’s got a little mean side to him – you can just tell. He’s one of those guys that is just so smooth and so good at what he used to do. I remember watching him play when I was younger, and unfortunately you don’t usually remember linemen’s names, but when you come across one like Walter Jones you always remember. He was a guy that was a game changer, even at the offensive line position.