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Post-draft depth chart: Tight end

After the season, it appeared the Seahawks could be on the way to a large shakeup at tight end.

Instead, little has changed.

Veteran Zach Miller restructured, the Seahawks didn't draft a tight end and this lineup went through a minor change at the back.

Starter: MillerOverview: After a restructure of his contract, Miller is a $3,887,500 cap hit this year. He'll be a $4 million cap hit next season. He knows the Seahawks' blocking scheme as well as anyone, thanks to all his time with Tom Cable. Miller, 28, said he wasn't surprised to be asked to restructure.

Backup: Luke WillsonOverview: Willson had a solid rookie year after filling the role the Seahawks precisely selected him for: receiving tight end. He has a ways to go to become a more well-rounded tight end like Miller has been during his career. Averaging 13.6 yards per catch was a pretty good start to his career.

Next in line: Anthony McCoyOverview: McCoy was re-signed in the offseason after spending all of last year on injured reserve because of an Achilles injury suffered in OTAs. The Seahawks picked McCoy in the sixth round of the 2010 draft. Like Willson, McCoy proved to be an excellent receiving complement to Miller, averaging 16.2 yards per catch in 2012. He also caught three touchdowns that year. If healthy, he and Willson will be battling for the backup chances.

On the outside:RaShaun AllenCooper HelfetChase Dixon