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Carroll on dealing with expectations: 'I take total responsibility for it'

Here's what Pete Carroll had to say today:

(On Bruce Irvin…) He’s doing great. The surgery went fine. Should be doing fine. He gets back in town today. Expecting really good things out of it. He’s dealt with it for a long time and it just got to a point where he just thought it was better we have a chance to get him back by the start of the season, which it’s a possibility, so we’ll see what happens. … They’ve been dealing with it and could manage it but it just went too far, and we’re just asking too much of him to keep putting up with it.

(On Richard Sherman…) He’s had a great offseason. I don’t know that he’s missed a day the whole time. His work ethic is perfect, his attitude every day is here, his competiveness, every day. He does a great job of leading in that regard.

(On Christine Michael and Robert Turbin… ) This has been great for them. Christine has made the most progress, he’s had the farthest to come. Turbo continues to work really well. Turbo got his knee cleaned up which has really helped him. Those guys are right on it. Really doing well on pass protection and pass assignments. In the passing game both guys have shown that they can help us. It’s been a great offseason for those guys.

(On dealing with expectations…) I take total responsibility for it. I’ve gone in to this thing hoping to be here so that the lessons that we’ve been teaching all along would fit the situation, the opportunity that we’re faced with right now. I take a great deal of responsibility for it, not just in what I say, but also the observations that I’m able to make. The taking in the information is as important as anything. How are the guys handling it? What’s their language like? Where’s their focus? Are we tuned in and trying to make sure we’re monitoring it carefully with the extension of the coaches doing the same. It’s an incredible challenge. I just love this challenge that we have and we’re fortunate to have it. We’re going to try to do it well and see if we can’t keep our guys right at the cutting edge of their development and their game and pass it over to the whole football team. We’re trying to get better.

(On Paul Richardson’s shoulder…) He fell down, hit the ground the other day and just banged it a little bit so we want to make sure we have him next week. He would have played today but it’s this time of year we’re taking care of him.

(On Justin Britt…) He’s done a really good job. He’s mature. He studies hard, it’s really important to him. He demonstrates the grit stuff that we’re looking for. He’s in to it and really cares and everything and is asking the right questions.

(On Korey Toomer…) He probably has been the brightest guy of the whole camp. Jumped up the most. His speed is obvious. He no longer is a rook; not understanding. He’s studied really hard, he’s worked hard. In the offseasons he’s watched so much, he practices just like the guys that are playing all the time. He looks like he can compete with all those guys. He’s in good shape to compete.