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Sherman: 'For continuity and consistency you have to be (at voluntary workouts)'

Here's some of what Richard Sherman had to say Monday:

(On his year so far)  It’s been unbelievable. It’s one of those years to remember. Winning the Super Bowl and then all of the accolades that came along with it are wonderful. You can never quantify what that means and never expect things that happen to happen, but you take it for what it is and you enjoy the moment and get ready to do it again.

(On helping the younger players)  I think it’s all of our jobs. I think that’s the job of the older guys. That’s the kind of program we run here.  You can show them better than you can tell them. You do it with your actions. You fly to the ball. You run hard. You play hard. Play disciplined, sound football and when they have questions you’re open and there to answer their questions. You push them and make sure they know all of their assignments. It’s not like a lot of other programs where you’re closed off and can’t talk to anybody. We make sure we’re open books and they can talk to any one of us. They can even give us tips if they’ve got ’em. It’s everyone’s job to elevate everyone else’s game because you’re only as strong as your weakest link. We don’t want to have any weak links.

(On other players in the secondary)  They have tenacity. They have grit. They have the things we value in players as a ball club. They play hard. That’s all you can expect. They play disciplined and sound football. Tharold (Simon) does and great job stepping and kicking, putting his hands on people and disrupting routes. (Eric) Pinkins has great versatility for us. Deshawn Shead has been working in with both groups. He’s like the Swiss Army knife for us. He can play any of the positions. They’ve been doing a great job for us. It’s just OTAs, but they’ve gotta work their way in. Get used to the speed. Get used to the calls. Get used to the speed of practice because I ‘m not sure everyone practices as fast and hard as we do.

(On the next challenge) Just maintaining. It’s about being consistent in this game. I think consistency is the biggest thing we focus on.  You want to be consistent day in and day out. Practice in and practice out.  Season in and season out.  That’s what we focus on. I’m happy that were gonna have a consistent secondary for years to come with Kam, Earl and myself. Byron Maxwell is going to be here. We’re going to be able to grow together with guys like Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright, also Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril. We’ve got some continuity here so that’s going to allow us to grow together and continue to build on the success we’ve had.

(On importance of not missing an OTA and having a great offseason)  For continuity and consistency you have to be there. There’s no way to build that chemistry. It’s voluntary, but I’m a ball player. What else am I going to be doing? When you’re a ball player at heart and this is what you sleep, breath and eat then this is where you want to be. I couldn’t imagine myself being anywhere else because you just feel the itch to be back on the field and be back with your teammates.  To back out there getting better, because like they say, you never stay the same. You’re either getting better or you’re getting worse. If you’re not on the field you’re getting worse.