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Morning Links: Bennett wants Lynch to cash in

Good morning.

"Come back, Marshawn, come back! We need you," Bennett told NFL AM on Monday. "Without Marshawn, we wouldn't win a Super Bowl. Obviously he's one of the best running backs in the game, and he feels like he should be paid like one of the best backs in the game. And, of course, I agree with him. I mean, for a guy to take those kind of hits in the NFL and continue to do it at a high level?"

You can watch the Bennett brothers here.

Minicamp starts tomorrow. We'll see if Lynch shows. We'll also be able to hear from Pete Carroll on the topic if Lynch does not.

If Lynch does not show, he won't be the only player in the league holding out. San Francisco tight end Vernon Davis has already declared he will be holding out. He explained in a column at MMQB:

In 2010 I signed a five-year, $37 million contract extension with $23 million guaranteed. It was the biggest contract for a tight end in league history. Four years later, and I’m playing at a higher level than I was then, which brings me to why I’m holding out. It’s all about getting paid what you deserve. It’s not that complicated. I want the 49ers to win the Super Bowl, and I want to be on the field this summer working toward that goal, but I have to worry about my future first. Most of my teammates and many players in the NFL understand that. A few don’t. Behind closed doors, they’ll say they’re all about the team and would run through a brick wall for the organization. But when you look closer, they’re doing things to contradict themselves. I can’t listen to anyone but my family and my advisors, because those are the people who are going to be there when football inevitably dumps me.

Threatening to withhold service is the only leverage players have in a league where they can be thrown on the scrap heap so quickly. Even talented players like Davis and Lynch.

Also in that column, Davis talked about the NFC title game:

As athletes, we like to say we’ve moved on entirely from losses, pouring focus into next season. Often, that’s not true. Every once in a while, while I’ve been traveling this summer or working out or spending time with my family, I think about that NFC Championship Game against Seattle—the one Richard Sherman correctly described as the real Super Bowl.

A few things I remember:

  • I’ve never sweated so much in a football game.
  • I’ve never heard so much trash talk in a football game.
  • I’ve never been more optimistic that we were going to get the job done as I was on that last drive.
You know what happened, of course; Sherman tipped Colin Kaepernick’s end zone attempt to Michael Crabtree, turning it into a game-winning interception. Kudos to the Seahawks, who won a Super Bowl with a defense that isn’t as simple as the players like to boast. I don’t know how they went about trying to stop the rest of their opponents, but they spent a lot of effort mixing up coverages against us.


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