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Lynch at minicamp, but does not participate

As noted earlier, Marshawn Lynch showed up at Seahawks mandatory minicamp today. He did not participate in any drills. With his hood up, Lynch chatted and joked with various coaches and teammates while he snacked on the sidelines.

Pete Carroll said Lynch has a sore ankle and will not participate this week. When asked if that was a lingering injury, Carroll said no, and that Lynch just tweaked it. It was a very general answer.

"He's got a sore ankle," Carroll said. "As always, right now, if there is any question at all, we're going to opt to give guys more time. We want to make sure he goes into the last month feeling great.

"We have rested him a lot in the offseason. He takes a big pounding. We really... in this case it's unique, but he's a unique player on our football team. We'll do what we have to do to take care of him. You won't see him get the ball a lot in preseason. We'll work all the way to opening day to have him right and ready to go. That's most important."

Carroll also would not comment on whether Lynch has asked to have his contract reworked.

"There's nothing in our conversations -- the business side of it -- that we'll talk about," Carroll said. "There's no reason to. We haven't talked about other guys in that regard, so we're not doing that now."

Later, Carroll was asked about Lynch remaining the main back for the Seahawks.

"We have never even approached that because that's not even a question," Carroll said. "It's never even come up."

Carroll also reiterated several things he's said in the past about Lynch: loves his toughness, what he provides and that he became the back they hoped for when trading for him.

[caption id="attachment_25802" align="aligncenter" width="512"] Marshawn Lynch and general manager John Schneider have a chat at minicamp Tuesday. / AP photo Marshawn Lynch and general manager John Schneider have a chat at minicamp Tuesday. / AP photo[/caption]