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Seahawks have heated Day 2 at minicamp

Richard Sherman and Phil Bates got into a fistfight during day two of Seahawks minicamp. Here's some video from KOMO.

A play after wide receiver Bryan Walters was hurt after diving for a pass, and hitting the ground with Earl Thomas right on him, Sherman and Bates fought. It's unclear if Thomas landed on Walters.

Sherman was covering Bates up the left sideline. They became tangled. Sherman pulled Bates' helmet off, then Bates began to swing. Sherman's helmet was knocked off. They exchanged a few more swings as players, like Percy Harvin and Doug Baldwin, swarmed into the mix.

Prior, Baldwin, Thomas and Sherman were shouting obscenities at each other following the play Walters was injured on.

Marshawn Lynch (a bit) and Kam Chancellor acted as peacemakers while owner Paul Allen and Seahawks president Peter McLoughlin watched.

Pete Carroll stopped practice and assembled the team. He told them to calm down and remember that they were all part of the same family. When they resumed practice, the song, "Happy" was played.

Thomas and Baldwin continued to jaw for the remainder of practice. Sherman made the rounds, talking everything over with Bates, Baldwin, and Russell Wilson, whom he was screaming at during practice, as well.

"It's all in the game, we're teammates at the end of the day," Thomas said. "It's just the way you do stuff. Sometimes you get mad and you don't say stuff you really mean. At the same time, we're all men out here, we're all Alpha males, it happens like that sometimes.

"Guy here are different. We're never satisfied. We're always trying to prove who we are. It always gets heated like this and you love it because the whole competition of everybody is raised."

Thomas said they will move on.

"At the end of the day, we're teammates," Thomas said. "We kind of know each other well now, kind of get under each other's skin. There's going to be practices like that. You love practices like this because everybody is in it. Everybody's trying to execute well. Everybody's trying to prove the other person wrong.

"This can happen at any practice, whether it's in the season or not. I just think we're all so competitive, if you press one wrong one button, everybody will clear the benches."

Sherman and Baldwin were not available for comment. They left the practice field together laughing and talking.

UPDATE: Thomas also added this, before repeating that they are all working for the same thing: "Those receivers, they’re kind of soft sometimes. They see one of their teammates or guys in their same room fall, they start crying. You just kind of shrug it off. You don’t pay attention to guys like that."