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Morning Links: Seahawks still have things to sort out

Good morning.

As we countdown to the start of training camp July 25, the Seahawks still have some things to figure out. From our Dave Boling:

Maybe the biggest thing the Seattle Seahawks proved during their offseason workouts is that they look very much like a team hungry to earn a trip to the Super Bowl rather than one fattened up from celebrating the last one.

Workouts have been competitive and contentious, and some players and observers fairly suggest the roster is better than the one they took into last season.

It’s probably the fastest Seahawks team in history, and most positions enjoy the luxury of depth.

Just making it to training camp with the Seahawks might be enough to assure a player of a job elsewhere in the NFL, as it has become trendy for teams to pad their rosters with Seattle’s castoffs.

But there’s a great deal yet for the Seahawks to sort through between now and training camp, and ultimately before the Sept. 4 opener against the Green Bay Packers.

You can read the rest of his column here.

> New wide receiver Chris Matthews is surprised at how competitive the environment is at Seahawks practice.

> Golden Tate calls Richard Sherman the best cornerback and defender in football.

> Red Bryant and Chris Clemons talk about the culture change they are dealing with. For one, Bryant points out Jacksonville is quite a bit hotter than Seattle.

> From the hard news department: Doug Baldwin compares players on the Seahawks to characters on "Game of Thrones." Baldwin said Russell Wilson is comparable to a dwarf.

> Lots of weekend notes from MMQB.

> MMQB is also trekking into the CFL for "Canada Week."

> media writer Richard Deitsch sat down with the executive in charge of that buffoon Skip Bayless and his show "First Take." As expected, she defends Bayless, one of the most unrelenting hacks in the history of sports media. Deitsch put forth this question toward the end of the interview: Let me read you something from Richard Sherman who said the following to Skip Bayless on your airwaves : "I am intelligent enough and capable enough to understand that you are ignorant, pompous, egotistical cretin, and that's what it comes down to. And I'm going to crush you on here in front of everybody because I'm tired of hearing about it." Do you consider that a good or bad moment for First Take and why?

Keegan: I consider it a moment. I don't characterize it. It certainly was not what we were looking for and not what we were expecting.

As an aside, this is a great example of Bayless' fraudulent attempts to be anything other than a circus act.