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Weekend Links: Not one, not two, not three...

Happy weekend.

We heard multiple times from different levels of the Seahawks that they were prepping for the long haul, not just one title. That was a key argument from general manager John Schneider, head coach Pete Carroll and quarterback Russell Wilson well before the Super Bowl win.

According to Richard Sherman, Carroll became a prognosticator of sorts and began pushing them toward a second title midway through last season. From a story in The Virginian-Pilot:

"Pete's huge into psychology," Sherman said. "He told us we were going to win it mid-last year.... He was like, 'We're not trying to just go for one, we're trying to go for multiples.' He tried to prepare our minds for a long run."

We've also heard the requisite "target on their" back cliches since the Seahawks have won the Super Bowl. That's not something new, just something elevated. Many places predicted the Seahawks would make it to the Super Bowl last year, so they were not exactly flying under the radar. Sherman is not concerned.

"Just because you've got a target on your back doesn't mean you can't hunt."

Speaking of Sherman, Cam Newton was some interesting and flattering thoughts on Sherman.


> Joe Montana was asked if the Seahawks can become a dynasty:> As a few of you noted in the comments, Pete Prisco of CBS Sports has a most overrated and underrated players list by team. The most underrated on the Seahawks is Brandon Mebane. The most overrated: Max Unger. Though, Prisco says arguments can be made for Russell Wilson or Marshawn Lynch. Prisco's space is confined, but he would have done well to acknowledge that Unger was hurt much of last season, dealing with triceps and head injuries at the least. Seeing him around the lockerroom, he appeared even more banged up than that.

> An interesting comparison of pocket passer vs. mobile ones from the playoffs at Football Outsiders. Really, this is a look at Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and Peyton Manning in last year's playoffs. There is a good visual representation showing Wilson's propensity to throw from the right side of the field.

> ESPN signed a multi-year deal with the CFL to broadcast its games. Can it pump them up enough that people in the U.S. will care? They could if it became a minor league of sort with specific NFL team affiliations.

> And, MMQB is at the CFL opener.

> Vernon Davis says he is not stressed about his holdout.

> Johnny Manziel is again a headline. Reportedly, the Browns have told him to tone it down.