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Lynch: 'I think the biggest buildup now is preparing for next season'

[caption id="attachment_25979" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Davis Lynch Marshawn Lynch and Eric Davis laugh it up.[/caption]

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From the press release:

Talking to MLB legends (Daryl) Strawberry and (Eric) Davis, Lynch says he would have liked to play in their era, before Instagram, Twitter and other social media outlets were around. “I know y’all was out there tearing it up,” Lynch says.

“That was an understatement,” Davis replies. “There wasn’t no TMZ following you around everywhere you go.”

“Hell no,” says Lynch. “We go stand outside right now, I’m telling you, we’re going to be plastered over the internet. Like, what are they up to, those three? What are these three doing? Two of them got the same color on and everything.”

“We’re so glad they didn’t have Instagram and Twitter,” Strawberry adds. “Because we would’ve been in the headlines every day.”

“Y’all got to live a different lifestyle,” says Lynch. “See, they think this is living now – I’ve got this, and go take a picture. But see, the living to me would have been, I’m going to do my thing, I’m going to wake up in the morning, ain’t got to worry about going on the internet and somebody saying this and that, and now everybody and their mama is questioning me because I’m a grown-ass man, and I was doing grown-ass man things.”

And, some more quotes:

On Super Bowl XLVIII:

Darryl Strawberry: “You all looked good in that Super Bowl. All that hype and them talking about Denver, you went out there and shellacked, waxed and put the shine on for later. Tell us what the Super Bowl was like. We played baseball, played in the World Series.

Eric Davis: “Ours is not a buildup, because you’ve got to win four, so it’s not just that buildup or the one moment when you come out of that tunnel and the flags are flying and everything riding on one particular 60 minutes.”

Marshawn Lynch: “Man, that [expletive] is crazy. As far as the buildup, I could’ve stayed at home. I didn’t need all that.”

Davis: “I saw you at Media Day.”

Lynch: “When it was time to strap it up, though, it was game time.”

Davis: “Is it like what you thought it would be?”

Lynch: “It was more. I can’t even downplay the experience, though. Probably the best time I had was, when my family stepped off the plane, to see their facial expressions. My little sister went crazy – they did this little monster thing with these headphones, they wrapped one of these trucks up and it had my face all on it – she’s walking up to the truck, giving it kisses. I’m like, man, what are you doing?

“I think the biggest buildup now is preparing for next season. Because as soon as that was over, they ask you, ‘What’s going to happen next year?’ I’m like, damn, let me kick back and enjoy this one.”

Lynch on Skittles:

Lynch: “This was something just to calm my nerves. My mama put me on them. It just calmed my stomach down. I’d get excited and want to start throwing up everywhere, so I’d eat some Skittles and calm my stomach down then get back to the action.”