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Carroll has new three-year deal, says Seahawks in middle of a run

The Pete Carroll-John Schneider love-in has concluded.

Carroll has a new three-year deal which runs through 2016. This is a new deal, not an extension of the old one.

Carroll and Schneider reiterated at the VMAC on Friday much of what they have said in the past. Their relationship is crucial, has worked the way they hoped and that they are thrilled to continue it.

Both were jovial, as would be expected. Schneider said he thought Carroll can now be viewed as one of the best football coaches in history. Carroll projected Schneider could one day be the most powerful general manager in sports.

"I feel very humbled and fortunate," Carroll said. "It's a day of gratitude for me."

Carroll, 62, said he feels like the Seahawks are "right in the middle" of a run.

"The most important thing that happens is we rediscover every year -- not just this year because it's a Super Bowl year -- every year we rediscover the work ethic that makes us who we are," Carroll said. "That starts with the commitment our players have made to make this the greatest offseason of their life.

"We treat people in a manner, I think, that we can ask of them to give us everything they possibly have. It's a fantastic opportunity to go for this. Yeah, one time's cool and we're excited and all that, but to come back and figure out a way to show you can do it again, it's another tremendous challenge we're faced with now. Russell (Wilson) and the fellas are ready to go. They can't wait to get back."

Carroll said that when he met with former Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke in Los Angeles in 2010 to discuss possibly coming to the Seahawks, Leiweke told him he could be coach and general manager. Carroll declined the latter, saying, "I knew I couldn't do that."

"I was having the time of my life at USC," Carroll said. "However, I always knew there was another challenge out there. I didn't think there would ever be a situation where an organization, starting at the top, where they would trust us to do whatever we needed to do to get the job done. I had heard from other clubs at the time where they would say this and that ...they would be willing to give you the authority, the opportunity to run the program the way you wanted to run it. But, when, I talked with Tod, he extended the message from Paul (Allen) that they wanted that to happen. They wanted to see the change. They wanted to open up the doors in every way they could to make it possible that we could run the program."

Carroll continued to say how grateful he was, referring to the new contract as a statement that the he, Schneider and the organization are all in it together. He lauded Schneider for his ability to search out and analyze players. He spoke about how his approach isn't typical, yet is one he learned would work at USC and he was thrilled he could extrapolate it to the NFL.

"We haven't done everything like you think we would, along the way," Carroll said. "We've taken some chances and we've taken calculated risks that basically worked out."

The result of that approach has been two division titles and a Super Bowl championship in four seasons, and now a new contract for Carroll.