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Full transcript of today's press conference with Carroll and Schneider

Among the interesting quotes in here, I thought was this from Pete Carroll on the 2012-13 season:

"We had a chance a year ago to make this go and we just let it slip away," Carroll said. "It shows you how important and how crucial it is to do everything right and to get it done."

We should also point out that Carroll said on KJR, he "totally plans on" being in Seattle beyond 2016, when this new contract ends.

The full transcript:

JS (Opening…) “Thanks for coming out. We have a very big secret to announce. Before we get started, Pete and I and everyone with the Seahawks wanted let everyone up in Oso know that our thoughts and prayers are with them and that we’re thinking about them. We had several players and staff go up there a couple of days ago. It was a real special deal and we’re thinking about them. With that being said, this is a very, very exciting day for the Seattle Seahawks. On behalf of Mr. Paul Allen and Peter McLoughlin and 12s everywhere we’re very excited to announce a new deal for Coach Pete Carroll. Just getting it out in the open we’re not going to discuss the details of the new deal. So you can fire all of those questions, but we’re not going to get into it. Four years ago Paul Allen brought us together. It’s been a very, very special relationship getting to know Pete, it’s been an outstanding relationship and we’ve grown together and I’ve gotten to know Pete. His leadership and guidance have been incredible in terms of our success here. I want to thank Paul Allen obviously; Peter McLoughlin, Bert Kolde, and Gary Uberstine for helping us navigate through this. I also want to talk about Pete Carroll believe it or not. I mean have there been rough times, sure. When I beat him in corn hole that first night down in the locker room when we were together, yeah those are tough things to get over. He’s a competitor so he doesn’t like losing… Pete’s football success obviously stands for itself and stands alone. What people don’t really know is how special the man is. That’s the primary thing I feel really blessed about in getting to know Pete. He truly cares about individuals and has a huge heart. The football stuff is very obvious for everybody. What everybody doesn’t see is the low ego and the passion he has for the game. As a personnel guy it’s outstanding to be able acquire talent and know that you have a head coach and a coaching staff that are going to accentuate players’ strengths and look for the positives. Coach Carroll obviously does that, and it’s created a very positive fun culture here in Seattle. As a player, obviously it’s fantastic to know that you can come into a situation and you can be able to compete at every corner in everything you do. You’re going to be able to get on the field and have a chance to play. That’s special, and it’s unique in the NFL. It’s really, truly a very special day and we want to congratulate Pete and Glena on their new three year deal.”

PS (Opening…) “This is a very special day for Glena and myself and the family that we have demonstrated are willingness to be here and be part of this, and then followed up by a tremendous commitment from the club starting with Paul Allen and then working right through the organization. Peter McLoughlin was a huge part and Bert Kolde, and of course John Schneider. This couldn’t have happened without the support from John and the tremendous help from Gary Uberstine. The guy has been with me for years and he’s been an unbelievably loyal supporter, friend, and advisor. They all got together to make this happen and I think it’s really exciting because it’s really a statement of our commitment and it’s a statement of our staying power and our willingness to do something really special with this opportunity here in representing this fantastic fan base in the area and the following that we have. The 12s have been ridiculously fun and so powerful. We feel very humbled and fortunate to be part of this. So Glena and I are really excited about that we get to make a long term statement that we’re here and we’re with you and we want to keep fighting for you and all of that. It’s really a day of gratitude for me and I think about the guys that have come together with us, the coaches that have committed to the way that we do things and John Schneider’s staff that is committed to the way we do things and the way we think. We’re a little different and we do things maybe in a little bit different fashion. We ask people to come our way and come along with us and they have done that, but none of it would ever have been able to happen without John. He said something about a love fest, but it’s just the facts. When we came here we really set a vision in place that started with the relationship between the two of us. I felt like we had an opportunity to demonstrate to professional sports of how powerful and how crucial this relationship is. I hope that someday that somebody will look back and see John as the most powerful, most dominate general manager in professional sports. Someday we’ll look back and have that chance to make that statement. Right now we can’t but there will be a time and that time will come and it’s usually in retrospect. It has come with real design. I wanted to help John be the best he could possibly be. He is committed to try and help me be the best I can possibly be. With that union we put this organization in motion and we’re really proud to tell you that and proud to show you that we have been able to do that together. His uniqueness, his creativity, his work ethic, his grit, everything that he brings is hopefully brought to the front where you guys can see the tremendous work that he’s done. This program has been one that’s been built on in depth evaluations on guys across the board. From all walks, from the free agency market, from the Canadian Football League, from every opportunity with the draft, John has done a remarkable job of building this thing together. I just think the statement about this relationship is so important. I hoped that someday that we would be able to say that so other teams could see it and see that this is a format that is really a great way to do it. Along with that I want to say that this has been an extraordinary opportunity to come and bring our program to the NFL. We had done stuff in college and had been real excited about the stuff that we had done there and the fun that we have had and the excitement that we had generated around the program, and I really hoped with this opportunity that we could bring the mentality and the way that we treat people to the NFL and to show what that could be. What it is really is really simple. We’re just trying to help everybody be the best that they can be and we work with the individuals to a level that I hope singles us out in a way that our guys know that we care about them, we’re going to do everything we can to help find their way to their best whether it’s the football players or the guys in the department or the guys on all levels in this program that that’s the way that we approach it. It started right with John and I and extends all the way through our program. We’re really excited to bring that to the front and fortunately we had a pretty good little run and we’re in the middle of something really special here. There is no reason that neither one of us think that we did this one time and that was it and that was our shot. We think that we’re right in the middle of a great opportunity here. Our young players, the great leaders that we have on the team from Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson, Max Unger and all of these wonderful guys that have bought into our program and carry our message for us give us an opportunity to extend this challenge to come back and play great football again and be a leading organization and be something really unique and special. I’m just thrilled to be part of it. I’m very grateful and very thankful and I want to make sure that that’s really clear. It really started with Paul Allen, I’d like to say too that Tod Leiweke was really an important member of this thing way back when, when he put us together and saw a vision and then turned it over to Peter and they’ve extended the same commitment to believe in us and give us the trust that it takes to do what we’ve done. We haven’t done everything like you would think we would along the way. We’ve taken some chances and we’ve taken calculated risks that basically worked out. We’re going to keep doing it and keep doing it the way we know how to. We’re very happy about it and very excited about it and we look forward to the future.”

PC (On his work outside of coaching…) “First off in everything that we do there is the chance to do something good, and so if there is a chance to do something good, if there is a way we’re going to we’re going to try to find it. Whether it extends to what we’re doing here in the football program or if we’re developing our coaches or our players, or if we’re trying to help develop the things that go on in the community that need our support, we’re just going to do what we can. It just kind of all seems part of the same mentality, in the same language, in the same intentions and with desiring the same results that we’re going to create things that are going to change for the better. I want to say too that the organization has done a marvelous job in supporting and allowing me to do the things that we get to do outside and Paul Allen has been incredible in his generosity and his insights to help out and support. I couldn’t be more grateful for it. It just happens because it can happen, and it’s there to be done and if we can have and affect we want to try and make that happen.”

PC (On what was the most crucial point he wanted to get across in meeting with Tod Leiweke about what they wanted from him…) “I loved my time at USC and I was having literally the time of my life being part of that wonderful school and all of the things that we were doing. However I always knew that there was another challenge out there, which was coming to the league, which I always cherished as the most competitive arena that you could be in. But I didn’t think that there would ever be a situation where an organization starting at the top on throughout where they would trust us to do whatever we needed to do to get the job done. I had heard from other clubs at times and when they would say this and that, that they would be willing to give you the authority with the opportunity to really run the program the way you were capable of running it, but when I talked with Tod, he extended the message from Paul that they wanted that to happen and they wanted to see the change. They wanted to open up the doors in every ways that they could to make it possible that we could run the program. they asked me if I wanted to be the General Manager and I knew that I couldn’t do that, I wanted to find a guy like John Schneider if we could and between that process we were very fortunate that we hit it right and we figured out through the interview process that John would be an extraordinary partner to do this with, and on we went. It really came down to the trust that they would give me the opportunity to do this the way that I knew best how to do it. I didn’t want to miss that in the transition just because I was excited about the competitive opportunity. So it was comfortable for me to say no no no to people that were asking, but when this one happened I believed them and I trusted in them. They made it clear that they would give us the freedom to do the things that they wanted us to do, and they have done all of that and more and we felt every step of the way that we have had the opportunity to do this and John has made some enormous decisions along the way that have supported what I wanted to do and we’ve come together with our thoughts in all in a way that we’ve been productive on the field and he’s been productive in the business end of things and has done a tremendous of managing the money and the cap and the great challenges that that brings. Because they have allowed us to do that and they have given us the freedom to do that and I think in that freedom that was what rang true to me that this was the chance to do something really special here and leave USC. I would have never left if it wasn’t for that feeling and fortunately the trust on my end of it was backed up by great follow through from there end.”

PC (On if it was important for him to get a further statement form the organization like the one he’s getting today…) “It was important to me because it was important to them. Whether this came about or not I was going to keep busting it and going for it, it wasn’t going to matter in that regard, but I think the statement that they wanted to validate the commitment to what we’re doing and how we’re doing is extraordinary. It’s an extraordinary effort on their part and I’m just absolutely humbled and thrilled that they see it that way. I don’t know any other way to keep competing anyway so I would’ve done the same thing, but we get to do this with the commitment that we can extend everybody on the outside that this is a real deal and we’re here and we’re going to keep battling. To the players that want to come to the program, to the coaches that come and go in our program as they take advantage of their opportunities, we’re here, and we’re going for it and we’re going to continue to do it like we have.”

PC (On what give shim the energy he has at his age…) “I don’t know. Glena says it’s zeal, I don’t know what that means though. I don’t know. It’s just kind of the way we want to live and operate in this job. This is an amazing world that we get to live in and work in. we love the game so much and the game is so important to us and to be part of it at this level and to have a chance to achieve with the freedom that they’ve given us in all. It just generates all of the positive stuff. We’re on the psychology of positive here and there’s no doubt about that. We see things as they could become and strive to make that happen. That’s so empowering on a daily basis. Every day we get up and we come in to work we know we have a chance to do something good. Whatever it is I know I feed off of the players, I know I feed off of the coaches, I know I feed off of John and I’m not easy on him, I’m a mess for him sometimes I know, but he’s been able to find a way to support it and keep us going and allow us to keep this energy alive. It’s not going anywhere, I don’t care how old I am, and that’s not going to change. I’m thrilled that we have an arena to do it in.”

JS (On if what Pete Carroll has done throughout his career is special…) “I was asked that a couple of days ago, absolutely. I think what he’s accomplished as a head football coach there is no question about it. Especially the way that he was in professional football and found his way, and did it his way at USC. I mean you could see the changes at the school right away within a year. So yeah to answer your question, absolutely. There is no doubt about it. It’s special.”

JS (On if this is similar to the signing of Kam Chancellor signing a year ago in rewarding and taking care of their guys…) “Absolutely. There is no question that this was a huge priority for us coming into the offseason. We knew it was a round the corner and we’re trying to take care of our own people and keep our core of young players together, but where do you start, you start at the top. PC: I think it is a part of our thinking to continue to extend the message in this room with our team years ago. We told him that the core of the championship team that is going to come here is already here. We recognized that a while back with the great classes that we brought in that it was happening. We’re just trying to tell the truth back to them that they are that with us. they are the core of it and we want them to understand that and we’re willing to make the commitment and John has worked very hard and there will be other things that you’ll see throughout the offseason here that we continue to work to make that happen. Hopefully this is all a statement and our connection is a statement that we’re here for the long haul and we want our players to come along with us.”

PC (On how important is it for him to see his plan come to fruition from when he first started…) “It’s a great statement that we’re all doing this together. I’m thrilled about that and I’m so happy to be part of that thought because we don’t want to just get a ring. There is a lot more to be done. It was a wonderful accomplishment and all, but there is so much more ahead of us. It takes more time, to do something really unique and special it’s going to take some time and this is what this commitment does for us. John and I will be together for a long time and we’re thrilled about that.”

PC (On if there was any doubt or question four years ago that it would play out as well as it did…) “Well you still have to go do it. In my mind this was going to be a great chance to show it. I really wanted to prove that we had come to a way that handled the people in a manner that would allow them to be at their best. I thought we found that out and I just wanted to show it here. There was a lot of talk that was out there about why I would come back from college coaching and all of the things that I had to prove and this and that. None of that was right. The idea was that we had found a way to operate and run a club, and now we could do it on the most challenging compelling stages possible, let’s go ahead and go for it. That’s really what it was about and I was really anxious to see how it would hit and how it would take hold. Fortunately as we talked about this four years ago we’re doing things exactly the way we set out to do it and we’re still doing it and our consistency and our commitment has only strengthen in that. Yeah I thought this was going to happen and I was frustrated that it didn’t happen sooner. We had a chance a year ago to make this go and we just let it slip away. It shows you how important and how crucial it is to do everything right and to get it done. The fact that it’s taken us four years now, we look back and we’re grateful for that, but it could’ve been sooner.”