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Tweet Link: Okung in walking boot

That's Russell Okung in a walking boot at Oklahoma State football practice today.

There was discussion at the end of the season whether Okung would have another surgery on the injured toe that nagged him all season after keeping him out eight games.

After the season, Pete Carroll was in-between with his answer when asked about Okung.

“We’re talking about what’s necessary," Carroll said. "So we’ll see. He’s had a sore toe this whole time and he played through and did a great job to contribute under those circumstances.”

Then, at the NFL Combine, Carroll said there had not been a surgery and it didn't appear there would be.

“No, at this point he has not," Carroll said. "At this point looks like they are not going to. But that’s not done yet. Still some work being done there.’’

That was about five weeks ago. Today, we see Okung, who went to Oklahoma State, in a walking boot.