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Seahawks at Safeco, and Miller talks restructuring

A handful of Seahawks were at Safeco Field on Tuesday night for the Mariners' home opener. Russell Wilson was high and outside with the ceremonial first pitch to Felix Hernandez. According to sources, he immediately went to the Mariners' video room to breakdown the throw.

"Every morning," Wilson said. "It never stops. Biggest thing is watching my film and working out every day (except Sunday)."

Wilson said he will be gathering a group of Seahawks to again work out on the beach in California, like he did last year.

Joining Wilson on Tuesday were Malcolm Smith, Jermaine Kearse, K.J. Wright, Bobby Wagner, Mike Morgan, Pete Carroll, Zach Miller and the Super Bowl trophy. The Seahawks entered from the center field gate to thunderous applause after a video montage.

Miller’s offseason has been non-stop. That’s a byproduct of his 14-month-old twin daughters, Kaydence and Remi, a duo more challenging than any Sunday opponent.

“The hard work is way harder at home,” Miller said. "They’re going all day. It’s way easier to play football, for me at least.”

Miller’s return to the Seahawks was in question because of his large salary. He re-structured his deal in order to return and give Seattle $3 million of salary cap relief this season. Miller has been in the NFL for seven seasons. He’s well aware of mechanics of offseason money management for teams.

“You never know,” Miller said. “I’ve been around long enough that I know the business of the NFL. It’s something you hear rumors about; you never know until you hear from the horse’s mouth (that you will be asked to restructure). I’m just happy to be back. Love to be on this team, love playing with these guys. For me, it never was a question of being anywhere else, I wanted to be here.

"Obviously, it’s not a situation you want to be in. I understand the business aspect of the NFL. I’m just happy to be here for another season."

Miller said the climate around the Seahawks was a large factor when assessing his options.

"There’s nothing like it in the rest of the NFL, I don’t think," Miller said.