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News, notes, and quotes: An extended talk with John Schneider

Seahawks general manager John Schneider spent about an hour with reporters Wednesday talking about the draft, personnel and more.

> Schneider said they have not made a decision yet about picking up James Carpenter's fifth-year option. The deadline to pick up the option is Saturday.

> Terrelle Pryor will come in as a quarterback. Schneider said they are not averse to having three on the active roster. When asked about Pryor at other positions, Schneider outlined Pryor's physical talents, but ... "I always joke with Pete, is this fantasy football? Right now, (Pryor) is learning how to be a quarterback."

> Asked if Kam Chancellor had offseason hip surgery, as John Clayton reported was going to happen, Schneider chose not to answer, saying he felt this was not the appropriate time to talk about that. He also did not comment on Russell Okung, who was seen in a walking boot this offseason.

> Schneider said he did not know if Doug Baldwin would sign the second-round tender. The deadline for Baldwin to get other offers is Friday.

> Schneider and Jeff Ireland are friends back to their days together in Kansas City. Schneider said it's nice to finally be honest with Ireland when they have a conversation about a player, as opposed to trying to sniff out what the other truly thinks while working for different teams. The Seahawks have not decided yet if Ireland will remain with the team after the draft. Schneider said they also have not decided how to handle what was Scot McCloughan's position of senior personnel executive. He oversaw scouting around the entire country.

> Schneider said VP of football operations Matt Thomas was primarily responsible for negotiating Earl Thomas' contract. When explaining offers to free agents, he said the Seahawks don't get into the specifics of other player's deals, but do map out the cap landscape and try to be as honest as possible when negotiating.

> Schneider said he "absolutely" expects Sidney Rice to be ready for the season (Rice told the TNT he expects to be ready for camp and could participate in mini-camp). Tharold Simon is also expected for camp.

> Jesse Williams is "fine," according to Schneider. He also said Greg Scruggs was almost good to return last season, so he will be ready this fall.

> Schneider said Michael Bowie will be "first up" to replace Breno Giacomini at right tackle.

> Schneider said one of the keys for them is Pete Carroll's willingness and ability to work with younger players. The way he framed it made it sound like that's a large part of their strategy when handing out big money in their models. They are going to retain the same philosophy of bringing in younger guys -- either in the draft or UDFA -- who can contribute right away.

> Schneider said the Seahawks grade for their team, not for the league, when approaching the draft. Late in the draft, they sometimes see a player they have graded as a fifth- or sixth-round pick likely to fall into free agency. They then consider taking a calculated risk based on what they think other teams will do and the Seahawks' relationship with the player (as in likelihood he would sign with them).

> One thing to improve when drafting: Getting to know the player's heart better, Schneider said. "There's certain guys you spend a lot of time with, because you're trying to figure out the man," Schneider said. "What's in his heart, what his personality's like, would he fit in in the lockerroom? There's certain guys that we haven't done that good of a job with, in my opinion, in the past. That's something we've really focused on this year, just getting to know the person. How would he compete in this lockerroom? This is such a young, competitive group ... you saw Earl (Thomas) yesterday. He's 24 years old. He's a fairly intense guy. These guys have to have a certain quality about them that enables them to come in and compete with and against guys like that."