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Will the Seahawks trade down?

Good morning.

The unpredictable approach of the Seahawks' front office has local and national folks suggesting they move out of the first round to pick up another selection in Thursday's draft.

If the Seahawks decide to move down a few slots, they can save money and still have several options in front of them. One wild card option I will throw out there, especially if Seattle moves down, is Boise State defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence. A bit of a project, but an interesting one. Especially for a team that could be challenged to find the money for Cliff Avril after this season. In my first mock draft, which ran Sunday, I had the Seahawks picking Lawrence since I think OL Xavier Su'a-Filo is likely to be gone by then.

Both the Everett Herald and Monday Morning Quarterback think the Seahawks are likely to trade their first-round pick. From Peter King:

Think about the advantages to picking, saying, 35th instead of 32nd if you’re the Seahawks. Every dime is going to count going forward because of pricey vets like Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman who must be re-signed. Last year, the difference between the 32nd pick (safety Matt Elam) and 35th pick (tight end Zach Ertz) was $350,000 per year. Not a huge sum, but when you add a $1.4 million total difference between 32 and 35 to the fact that the Seahawks might be able to get a low-fourth-round pick for moving down three slots—and you remember how good Seattle’s been in the lower rounds of drafts—you start to think John Schneider has to be thinking about this too. That’s if Cleveland would do a deal low in round one. But it’s intriguing. All Seattle would lose is the ability to add a fifth-year option by keeping its first-round pick. I think the advantages of saving $1.4 million and adding a mid-round prospect outweigh the edge of the fifth-year option.

The Seahawks have just six total picks, at this point:

First round — No. 32Second round — No. 64Third round — None (Percy Harvin trade)Fourth round — No. 132Fifth round — Nos. 146 (Matt Flynn trade) and 172Sixth round — No. 208Seventh round — None (Traded 247 overall for Terrelle Pryor)

How many quarterbacks are drafted will influence the Seahawks. The more selected, the better for the Seahawks, who are not in that race. That means their board -- which general manager John Schneider says they pretty much stick to -- will not be thinning out.